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John Adams and Anne Howe

John ADAMS. [Ancestors].
Born 10 December 1622 at Kingweston, Somersetshire, England; son of Henry ADAMS and Edith SQUIRE.

He immigrated to New England in 1632-1633, arriving with his parents in Boston, Massachusetts.

He returned to England with his mother, met and married Anne HOWE in 1650 in England. He and his wife and daughter Rebecca immigrated back to New England about 1651. They settled in Menotomy, which later was renamed West Cambridge (now Arlington), Massachusetts. John Adams became a freeman in 1666 in Cambridge. {S4}.

He died in 1706 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Anne HOWE.
Born (1618)(about 1626-S4) (in Kings Weston, Somerset, England-S4)(of Kings Weston, Somersetshire, England-S?).

She married John ADAMS in 1650 in England.

She died after 1714 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of John Adams and Anne Howe:


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