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(Sir) John ap Adams and Clara Powell

(Sir) John ap ADAMS. (Adam). [Familytree].
Born (in 1359-S3)(about 1360-S1,S7)(in 1367-S3) in (Gloucestershire-S1)(Gorset, Monmouthshire-S3), England; son of (Sir) John ap Adam and Millicent Bessylls. (S1,S3,S7).

He added the "s" to the name, and so his descendants use Adams instead of Adam.

He married Clara Powell (about 1390)(about 1400-S2) in Gloucestershire, England. (S2).

Lord of Llanllywel. (S2).

John died (in 1440-S1)(in 1424-S3) in (Beverston, Gloucestershire-S3), England. (S1).

Clara Powell [Familytee].
Born (in 1364-S1)(about 1364-S2,S3,S7) in (Beverston-S2,S3), Gloucestershire, England; daughter of Roger Powell. (S1,S2,S7).

Clara died in 1392 in Beverston, Somersetshire, England. (S1,S2)

CHILDREN of (Sir) John ap ADAM and Clara Powell:


(Sir) John ap Adams (c1360-?)  (He added the "s" to the name,) md Clara Powell
Roger Adams (1392-?) and Jane Ellyott
Thomas Adams (1422-1452) and Marie Upton
John Adams (1452-1483) and Jane Rannelegh
John Adams (1482-1577) and Catherine Stebbing
John Adams (c1500-1543) and Margery Squire
Richard Adams (1530-1603) and Margaret Armager
Robert Adams (1550-1602) and Elizabeth Sharlon
Robert Adams (1602-1682) and Eleanor Wilmot
Elizabeth Adams (1641-1718) and Edward Phelps
Samuel Phelps and Sarah Chandler
John Phelps and Sarah Andrews
John Phelps and Deborah Lovejoy
Samuel Phelps and Margaret Nevins
Ebenezer Ferrin and Lydia Phelps
Samuel Ferrin and Sally Clotilda Powell
Lydia Powell Ferrin and George William Washington Williams
George William Williams and Harriett Thurston
Minnie Williams and Clive Vernon Tenney
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris