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Robert ADAMS

Robert ADAMS. [PC M4-23-1].
Born about 1474-1475. He was of Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England.

The will of Robert Adams:
The will of Robert Adams of Butleygh, Co. Somerset, husbandman, dated 8 Apr. 1557. To be buried in the churchyard of Butleygh. To the church of Butleygh xij d. To our mother church of Welles iij d. To Wm. Barrat my best cote. To Em Burdam a pann of a gallen, which pan my wyf shall have as longe as she leveth. To every godchild iiij d. To Thomas Pery my best hosse. To John Harrys my second hosse. To Phillippe Pery a platter. To Lenard Hodge a shert. To Thomas Jones a shert. The residue of all my goods I give to Joan my wife, whom I make my lawful executrix. Witnesses: Sir Richard Berser, Curate, William Stowde, Thomas Perry, with others. Proved 2 Aug. 1557. (Wells Probate Records, vol. X, p. 16). This will indicated that he was a tenant farmer, but had no property of his own. (S3).

So he died in 1557, sometime between 8 April, when the will was written, and 2 August, when the will was probated.

It is said that this will shows that he had no issue, which is likely true, but not conclusive. Therefore, it is thought that he was not the ancestor of the Adams family, but that it was more likely John Adams of Barton St David, which was nearby.




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