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(AIMERIC-S1,S10)(ALMERIC-S2)(later Emeric)(Often referred to in chronicles as Aimeric TAILLEBOIS)(Aymer, Emerie, Haimerigo).
Born (in 1155-S5); probably in the area of Poictou in Aquitane, France.

He is said to have married Milicent Gournay, but I have not seen evidence for this is. Aimeric is said to have died in 1217, but she married William Cantilou in 1215; so it it not possible for Aimeric to have been her husband at that time.

Almeric is the English form of an Old Germanic name, Amaliricus, coming from “amal” (work) and “ric” (power). Amaliricus was introduced to England by the Normans in the form of Americ, or Amaury. Although it did not survive the Middle Ages, Almeric was revived in the 18th century via the Latin form of the name, Almericus. {S9}.

He and his uncle Philip of Poitou arrived from of Poictou in the Loire Valley area of Aquitane, France about 1194-1195. Philip was a clerk who accompanied Richard I (Richard Coeur-de-Leon, The Lionhearted) in 1191 on the Third Crusade. Philip was with Richard's party when the king was captured. Richard the Lionhearted rewarded Philip by appointing him as the Bishop of Durham, England in November of 1195.(or May 1197).

Aimeric also came to Durham with Philip, England and became the Archdeacon of Durham Cathedral. When Philip died he left his land holdings to his nephew Aimeric, who enjoyed prosperity until Pope Innocent III excommunicated King John, at which time Aimeric lost much of his land holdings due to his support of John. Aimeric was ordained Archdeacon of Duram Cathedral before April 1197, which office he held until 18 December 1217 (Script. Tres p. 18; Howden iv 14), (Rot. Litt. Claus. 1 347b), and perhaps later, until after July 1217 (Durham, 2.2 Pont. 2 and Cart. Vet. fos. 148v-149r). {S7,S8,S10}.

Aimeric was ordained Archdeacon of Carlisle from before April 1197 until after April 1208 (Howden IV 14), apparently by the king (Rot. Chart. p. 119b). {S7,S8}.

Soon after the consecration of Philip of Poitou as bishop of Durham, quarrels arose and long continued between that prelate and the convent (The Priory of St. Cuthbert, Durham), fomented by Archdeacon Aimeric, nephew to the bishop, who insinuated that the monks were usurping an authority to which they had no right, and were daily infringing upon the episcopal prerogative. The question arose, whose was the right of presentation to Coldingham? The bishop claimed it for himself as abbot of the monastery; the prior declared that it belonged by royal grant to the convent. The bishop, enraged by contradiction, proceeded to acts of great violence. By his orders Aimeric besieged the monks in St. Oswald's church, and when in spite of hunger and thirst they remained obdurate, he set fire to the church doors and smoked them out. But in the end the bishop was obliged to yield, and the monks gained their point. (Walter of Coventry, Memoriale (Rolls Ser.), ii, 135; Hoveden, Chron. (Rolls Ser.), iv, 69, 70.).

Aimeric was appointed High Sheriff (Custos) of Northumbria, 1214-15.

This man is the "Robert" who with his wife is registered in the College of Arms. {S6}.

He was called Aimeric 'Theberti' in 1204 (Rot. Chart. p. 119b), and therefore brother of Peter Theobardi (Thebert, Tibert), another nephew of Philip of Poitou (see Feod. Pr. Dun. pp. 257-8; Rot. Litt. Pat. 1 27a; Durham, 1.2. Pont. 9). {S7,S8}.


CHILDREN of AIMERIC [F30752768]:


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