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ALAIN II of Bretagne and Roscille of Anjou

ALAIN II of Bretagne. (Fretaldus)(Wrybeard)(aka de Poher)(Barbe-torte). Count of Vannes and Nantes .
Born (1 January 900-S1(about 910-S1)(about 950-S1) in (Dol)(Vannes), Bretagne, France; son of Matuedo I Duc de Poher, Duc de Bretagne and Hawise.

He married (1) Roscille of Anjou in 943. (S1).

He married (2) a daughter of Blois. Alan II, nicknamed Wrybeard (French: Barbe-Torte) and also known as Le Renard "The Fox", was Comte de Dol, Comte de Vannes (931), Comte de Nantes (1er, 931), Duc de Bretagne (937-952), Comte de Poher, comte de Vannes, comte de Nantes, comte de Dol et de Poher, and duc de Bretagne (Brittany) from 938 to his death. During his rule, he defended Brittany from Viking invasions. (S1).

He had to take refuge, along with his father Mathuedoi, Count of Poher, with the English king, Edward the Elder, because the Norsemen had invaded Armorica. (S1).

The Chronicle of Nantes reports: Among the nobles who fled for fear for the Danes, Mathuedoi, the count of Pohel, put to sea with a great multitude of Bretons, and went to Athelstan, king of the English, taking with him his son, called Alan, who was afterwards surnamed "Crooked Beard". He had this Alan by the daughter of Alan the Great, duke of the Bretons, and the same Athelstan, king of England, had lifted him from the holy font. This king had great trust in him because of this friendship and the alliance of this baptism." (S1).

Alan became ruler of Brittany at the end of a 33-year interregnum after the death of his maternal grandfather, Duke Alan the Great. He landed at Dol in 936, at the invitation of the monk Jean de Landévennec and with the aid of Edward's successor, Athelstan the Glorious. By 937 he was master of most of Brittany, having forced the Vikings back to the Loire. (S1).

"... The city of Nantes remained for many years deserted, devastated and overgrown with briars and thorns, until Alan Crooked Beard, grandson of Alan the Great, arose and cast out those Normans from the whole region of Brittany and from the river Loire, which was a great support for them. This Alan was brought up from infancy with Athelstan, king of the English, and was strobg in body and very courageous, and did not care to kill wild boars and bears in the forest with an iron weapon, but with a wooden staff. He collected a few ships and came by the king's permission with those Bretons who were still living there, to revisit Brittany." (S1).

In 938, he was elected Brittonum dux. On 1 August 939, with the aid of Judicael (Berengar), count of Rennes, and Hugh I, count of Maine, his victory was made complete by defeating the Norse at Trans. Alan declared that date a national holiday. (S1).

Alan was closely allied with King Louis IV of France, for both had been exiles in England at the same time. Alan renounced the Cotentin, Avranchin, and Mayenne, while Louis recognised that Brittany had "never formed part of his kingdom." Alan was also allied to Theobald the Old, the count of Chartres. (S1).

Died (in 952_S1)(in 962-S1)(in 1008-S1) in (Dinan)(Nantes), Cotes d'Armor, Bretagne, France; and was buried in his capital, Nantes, in the Basilique Notre Dame. He was succeeded by his son Drogo. (S1).

Roscille of Anjou. (de Maers)(de Monceaux). [BOYD Family Chart].
Born about 906 in Anjou, Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France; daughter of Fulk I (Foulque I), Comte d'Anjou and Roscille Loches, Lady of Villandry.

She married Alain II Bretagne (in 925)(in 943). From this union, they had one daughter, Gerberga de Nantes.

Died (about 948-S1)(in 948-S2) in Angers, Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, France.

CHILDREN of ALAIN II of Bretagne and Roscille of Anjou:
  1. Gergerga de Nantes. Gerberga marries Juhel de Berenger, Comte de Rennes, and has a son: Conan, Comte de Rennes, who is killed on June 29 992 in the Battle of Conquereuil. (S1).
  2. Havoise of Bretagne. (S1).
  3. Hoel of Bretagne and Nantes. Born about 940. Died bout 948. (S1).
  4. Dreux Poher. (Drogo). Born about 950. He succeeded his father as Duke of Brittany at a very young age. His fate was of course sealed. They killed him in his bath about 958. (S1).
  5. Frotmundus Vetules Bretagne.


Alain II Bretagne, (Fretaldus)(Wrybeard)(de Poher) (c905-962)  md Roscille de Anjou
Frotmundus Vetules Bretagne  (960-1008)
Flaad, Seneschal of Dol  (1005-1064)    md  Constance De Dol
Alan, Dapifer Dolensis (Dapifer of Dol) (1024-1080) 
Flaad of Dol (1048-c1106).   
Alan FitzFlaad  (c1082-c1121)  md  Aveline de Hesdin
Simon FitzAlan (1114-1164) md Eschina (Eschyna)(Loudin)(de Londonis ( Stewart)
Robert Boyd (I) (Boyt)(Boidh) (c1155-c1240) 
Robert Boyd (II). (Robert, Dictus Boyd).  The Hero of Goldberry Hill  (c1225-c1290)
Robert Boyd (III)  (1249 - c1300 or 1330).  
Robert Boyd of Kilmarnock, 1st Baron of Kilmarnock.  (c1285-1333)
Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock, The Archer, 2nd Baron of Kilmarnock (1323-1365) 
Thomas Dominus Boyd, 3rd Baron of Kilmarnock (1360-1410) md  Alice G. Gifford
Thomas Boyd, 4th Baron of Kilmarnock  (c1385-1432) md Joanna Montgomery
Thomas Boyd, 5th Baron of Kilmarnock  (c1405-1439) md Isabell
Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock (c1415-1482)  md Mariot Maxwell
Alexander Boyd, 3rd Baron of Boyd  (1452-1508)  md  Janet Colville   
       |                                                  |                                
Robert Boyd  (?-1557)   md  Helen Somerville     Margaret Boyd md  George Colquhoun            
         |                                                             |    
Robert Boyd (c1517-1590).  ----    md    ----    Margaret (Mariot) Colquhoun (c1525-1601) 
Agnes BOYD (1523-1574).  md  John Colquhoun, Lord of Luss (c1523-1574)   
Alexander Colquhoun  (1573-1636) md Margaret Helen Buchanan
John Colquhoun (1632-?) md Katherine Graham (miss Montrose)	
William Cahoon (Colquhoun) (1635-1675) md Deliverance Peck
Joseph Cahoon (1665-c 1710)  md  Elizabeth Scranton
Ebenezer Cahoon (1706-?) md  Mary Reynolds (step sister of Reynolds Cahoon)
William Cahoone (1733-1813)  md  Elizabeth Vaughan	
William Cahoon  (1765-1828) md  Mary Smith
Mary Cahoon (1810-?) md   David Elliott	
Peter Mack Elliott (1833-1885)  md   Charlotte Alvord
Harriett Louisa Elliott  (1860-1902) md   James Newberry Morris  
Eli Ray Morris (1892-1980) md Tina Matilda Kunzler	
LeGrand Elliott Morris (1916-2005) md Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy