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ALAMOS, Duke of Hungary, and Predslava

ALAMOS, Duke of Hungary. [Familytree].
Son of GEZA I, King of Hungary.

Álamos (Slovak, Croatian: Almoš) (died 1129) was a Hungarian prince, the son of King Géza I of Hungary, brother of King Kálmán. He held several governmental posts in the Kingdom of Hungary.

Between 1084 and 1091 he was the duke of Slavonia; between 1091 and 1095 he was named duke of Croatia. In 1095 Kálmán appointed him the duke of the apanage Nitrian duchy (Tercia pars regni). But, last native Croatian King, Petar Svacic expelled him from Slavonia, and united Croatia to the river Drava. In 1097 Petar was defeated at Gvozd Mountain by Coloman.

Álamos, supported by Germany and Bohemia, came in conflict with Kálmán in 1098. On August 21, 1104 Álmos married Predslava, the daughter of Svyatopolk II of Kiev.

Kálmán made peace with Álmos in 1108, but only to have Álmos and his son Béla imprisoned in 1108 or 1109 and then blinded in 1113 to prevent them from becoming the future king. After this he went on to live in seclusion at the monastery of Dömös founded by himself until his death, but his son would succeed as king of Hungary.

Álamos was the last duke of Nitra (in Hungarian Nyitra), his removal also marks the end of the Nitrian Frontier Duchy and thus a full integration of most of today's Slovakia into the Kingdom of Hungary.

Álamos married Predslava on August 21, 1104.

Predslava. (Premislava).
daughter of Svyatopolk II of Kiev.

  1. Adelaide, (b. c. 1105/07–15 September 1140); married 1123 with Duke Sobeslav I of Bohemia.
  2. Béla II. King of Hungary. [Familytree].
  3. Hedwig (aka. Sophia), married 1132 to Duke Adalbert of Austria (1107–1137/38)


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