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George Aldred and Margaret

George ALDRIDGE (Aldred-S1)(Aldridge-S3)(Aldredd-S4). [Familytree].
Born about February 1543 at Wimbledon, Surrey, England; son of John ALDRIDGE and Helen.

George was christened on 13 February 1543 at St. Mary church, Wimbledon, Surrey, England. (S3).

In the earliest record, when George was christened, the name is spelled Aldredd. When his son Richard was christened, the name is spelled Aldridge. When his daughter Elizabeth is married, the name is spelled Aldridge. (S3,S4).

He married Margaret.

She married George ALDRIDGE.

CHILDREN of George ALDRIDGE and Margaret:
  1. Elizabeth ALDRIDGE. [Familytree]. Born about 1568. She was of County Surrey, England. She married Richard FARLEY on 8 November 1590 at Albury, Surrey, England. She was buried 23 November 1595 at Albury, Surrey, England.
  2. Richard Aldridge. Christened in December 1576 at St. Peter and St. Paul, Albury, Surrey, England. (S3).


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