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Alexander Alvord and Mary Vore

Alexander ALFORD (ALVORD). [Familytree].
Born 10 October 1627 at Bridgeport, Dorset, England; son of Thomas ALVORD and Joan HAWKINS
He was christened on 15 October 1627 at Bridgeport, Dorset, England.

He married Mary VORE on 29 October 1645-1646 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. This is the first record of him in New England. He began spelling his name Alvord immediately upon arrival in Connecticut and supposedly all Alvords in America today are descendants of Alexander.

In 1661 he moved to Northampton, Massachusetts.

"Alexander Alluard" signed a petition against imposts [imports?] on 4 November 1668. He signed a petition to the Massachusetts Legislature to form a society at Northfield on 31 May 1671. He was admitted to the Northampton Church after 1672. He subscribed to Harvard Collage 4 lbs, flax --.o4s, in 1672-3.

In the King Phillip's War in 1676, the buildings of Alexander Alvord were burned in the King Phillip’s War in 1676, probably in the vicinity of what is now known as Pomeroy Terrace, outside the Palisades, Northampton, Massachusetts. He received a war grant of land on Hawley Street in 1676 near the later site of the Chicago Beef Company’s warehouse.

He took the Oath of Allegiance at Northampton, Massachusetts on 8 February 1678. He was admitted Freeman in 1684.

He died (3 October-S6) (November-S3) 1687 at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. His will is recorded in Northampton Reg of Probate, Hampshire Co, Vol 1, p 265.

Mary VORE. (VARE). [Familytree].
Born 6 July 1617 (1627-S7); daughter of Richard VORE and Ann HARRIS.

She married Alexander ALVORD on 29 October 1646.

She died probably in 1683, but at least before 1686, at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

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