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Ebenezer Alvord and Ruth Baker

Ebenezer ALVORD. [Familytree].
Born 23 December 1665 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; son of Alexander ALVORD (Alford) and Mary VORE.

Ebenezer Alvord was made a freeman on 20 May 1690 at Northampton, Massachusetts.

He married (1) Ruth BAKER in 1691 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. She died 4 March 1706.

He married (2) Elizabeth BIRD in 1708 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

A home lot was granted to Ebenezer Alvord by the town of Northampton on 23 March 23 1720 (1723?); Wch land lye on this side timber swamp toward Hatfield. And is bounded: Butting on the highway easterly, and to the Rocky Hill westerly, and to the highway northerly, and to Benjamin Carpenter's land.

The following are abstracts from original deeds from Ebenezer Alvord, husbandman, to his son Joseph Alvord, weaver; said deeds now in possession of a descendant of Joseph Alvord:

Ebenezer Alvord of Northampton, for the sum of forty pounds paid "by my son Joseph Alvord," conveyed several tracts of land in Northampton bounded as follows, viz.:

"One piece contained one acre and a quarter, bounded northerly by the Grantor's land, easterly by ye Meadow Hill, southwardly by Thomas Bridgman's & Benj. Stebben's Home Lots, ou tof which a highway is reserved by the Grantor sufficient for him to pass and repass to his land beyond."

"Also another tract of land, lying under sd Meadow Hill being one half of sd Grantor's land there, viz. the lower or southerly half; containing about six acres bounded northerly by the Grantor's land, eastwardly by Venturer's Field, so called, southerly by the whole side, or the Bushy Swamp, (so called) and westerly by the Meadow Hill."

"Also a piece of land in Young Railbow, bounded north by the river; eastwardly by the land of Samule Lankton, and southerly by the highway on Young Rainbow hill, lying in a triangle containing one and a half acres."

"Also a lot, in the Long Division outlands, being thirteen rods wide; bounded northerly by Samuel Wright's land; and southwardly by the lot which formerly belonged to Joseph Hawley Esq. deceased."

"Also all my right or proportion of land, as I am proprietor with others in that tract of land, known by the name of the Inward Commons lying at the eastwardly end of Long Division lots -- and also in all other parts of the twon except that on the south side of Manhan river and west of Westfield road.

Signed March 1st 1732


He died (13 FEB)(29 NOV-S?) 1738 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Mrs. Elizabeth Alvord, relict of Ebenezer Alvord, Dec. of Northampton, and Joseph Alvord the eldest son administered the estate, Feb. 13, 1738/9. she was guardian to her sons Ebenezer, above 14, and Thoams Alvord under 14 years of age, minors. Mrs. Wright, who was born in 1756 remembered Mrs. Ebenezer Alvord. She then lived with her daughter, Mary. Mary or ruth kept a school for girls in the house.

WIFE (1):
Ruth BAKER. [Familytree].
Born 6 (23) May 1668 at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; daughter of Joseph BAKER and Ruth HOLTON (Halton).

She married Ebenezer ALFORD in 1691 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

She died on 4 March 1706 at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Ebenezer ALFORD and Ruth BAKER:

WIFE (2):
Elizabeth BIRD.
Born before 23 November 1684 at (Hartford)(Farmington), Hartford County, Connecticut; daughter of James BIRD and Lydia STEELE.

Elizabeth Bird died circa 1770 at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Ebenezer ALVORD and Elizabeth BIRD:


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