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Thaddeus Alvord and Sally Wellington

Thaddeus Alvord. [Familytree].
Born 28 October 1781 at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; son of Joseph ALVORD and Submit CHAPIN.

When he was 10 years old he moved with his parents to Hamilton, Madison County, New York.

He married (1) Martha BROMLEY in January 1801 at Lockport, New York, and they moved to Lewiston, Niagara County, New York. She died in 1810, leaving six or seven children. The older sister of Thaddeus helped him care for the children afterward.

Thaddeus served as a private in Captain William Watson's Company, First (Harris) Regiment of New York Militia during the war of 1812. He served from 14 January 1813 until 28 April 1814. He was discharged from active duty to get timber for the making of boats which were used by General Winfield Scott in crossing the Niagara River into Canada 3 July 1814. The American victory was due to Scott and his tactics more than any other.

He married (2) Sally (Charlotte ?) WELLINGTON in (28 April 1814)(December 1814). Sometime between 1815 and 1824 they moved to Waterford in Oakland County, Michigan. In 1824 his wife Sally died at Waterford. In 1828 Thaddeus visited his brother in New York where he met Sally BRIGGS (BIGGS). They were married in 1834 in New York, she being his 3rd wife. Also that year Thaddeus joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was baptized by Elder Samuel Bent at Sylvan Lake, McCloud County, Michigan. The Prophet Joseph Smith was said to have been present at the time.

Thaddeus sold his property in Michigan in 1835 and immigrated with the Saints to Missouri. In his own hand he wrote, I removed my family from the state of Michigan to Clay County, Missouri in the year 1835 where I lived in peace with the people of my own land, eighteen months or more, when the people began to be excited in consequences of the emigration of our people to that country. The excitement became so great that I was obliged to sell my place at half price, and removed to the county of Caldwell, where I purchased me a farm, and settled my family, and made good improvement, and was in a good situation to support my family, and there lived in peace with the people until the summer and fall of 1838, when the mob began to rise, and we were obliged to fly to arms in self defense; but notwithstanding our exertion, they murdered and massacred many of our people.

He married (4) Bessie COSETT in 1853.

He moved to North Ogden, Weber County, Utah in 1866. He was ordained a Patriarch.

He died on 29 February 1874 in North Ogden, Weber County, Utah; and was buried there in the North Ogden Cemetery.

WIFE (1):
Born near Lockport, New York or Stonington, Connecticut. She died in 1810 at Lewiston, Niagara County, New York. It is said that she died in childbirth, having twins, but I do not know the names to the twins.

CHILDREN of Thaddeus ALVORD and Martha BROMLEY:

WIFE (2):
Sally (Sarah) WELLINGTON. [Familytree].
Born (in 1783)(on 4 April 1785) in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts or Watertown, Middlesex county, Massachusetts; daughter of Enoch WELLINGTON and Sarah RICHARDSON.

She married Thaddeus ALVORD in December 1814. Between 1815 and 1824 they moved to Oakland County, Michigan.

She died in 1824 at Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan, but some sources say she died in the same year her daughter was born, in 1815.


WIFE (3):
Sally Celestine (Celestina) BRIGGS (BIGGS).
Born 7 MAY 1803 at Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts; daughter of Allen BRIGGS and Betsy READ. She married Thaddeus Alvord in 1828 in Lockport, Niagara County, New York. She died 5 FEB 1851 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

CHILDREN of Thaddeus ALVORD and Sally BRIGGS:
  1. Joseph Bonapart ALVORD. Born 4 December 1830 at Waterford, Oakland, Michigan. He married (1?) Lenora BERRETT. He married (2?) Sarah Elisa MOWER. He died 9 JAN 1908.
  2. Martha Bromley ALVORD. Born 28 January 1833 at Waterford, Oakland, Michigan. She married (1) ?. She married (2) Abiel CAMPBELL. She died 27 September 1882.
  3. Benjamin Bromley ALVORD. Born 3 January 1835 at Waterford, Oakland, Michigan. He married Malinda CROCKETT.
  4. Simeon Riley ALVORD. Born 3 January 1837 in Clay County, Missouri. He married () Sylvia MECHAM. He married () Sarah Ann SHUPE. He died 1 December 1918.
  5. Sylvia ALVORD. Born in June 1839 at Marion Cole County, Missouri. She died in September 1839.
  6. Gideon William ALVORD. Born 8 February 1841 in Lee County, Illinois. He married Sarah Ann SHUPE [see his brother above. One of these is not correct]. He died 6 December 1918.
  7. Reuben Adams ALVORD. Born 4 March 1843 in Lee County, Illinois.

WIFE (4):
Bessie CORSETT. (Betsy).

CHILDREN of Thaddeus ALVORD and Bessie CORSETT:



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