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ANSAUD of Dijon

ANSAUD of Dijon.
A brother of Romanus [Romain], a nobleman from Dijon. He was the son of (name unknown),Bishop of Autun (561-602), nobleman from Dijon, brother of Syagrius. His grandfather was Desire, Bishop of Verdun.
He married a sister of Ansoald.

(name unknown).
She was a sister of Ansoald.



Ansaud of Dijon
Sigrade of Dijon and Bodilon, monk at Mans
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Pepin the Short and Bertrada
Charlemagne (Charles the Great) and Hildegarde
  |                                         |
Pepin (II) and Bertha            Louis I, the Pious and Judith
Bernhard I and Kunigunde         Charles the Bald and Ermendtrude
Pepin II                         Judith and Baldwin I Iron Arm
Heribert I and Ermengarde of Bar    ______|_______________________________
Heribert II and Liegarde of France  |                                    |
Alix of Vermandois and Arnulf I    Baldwin II & Ælfthryth of Wessex Gunhilda (questioned) and Wilfred the Hairy
Baldwin III and Matilda
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Baldwin IV (TheBearded) (980 – 1035), Count of Flanders, and Ogive of Luxembourg
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Matilda of Flanders and William The Conqueror
Henry I, King of England, and Eadgyth
Matilda and Geoffrey V, Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and Maine
Henry II, King of England, and Eleanor of Aquitaine
    |                                                                    |
John Lackland, King of England, and Isabella de Angoulême    Eleanor of England and Alphonso VIII, King of Castille  (see separate)
Henry III, King of England, (c1206-1272) and Alianore de Provence   
    |                                                                    |
Edward I, King of England, and Eleanor of Castile    Edmund Crouchback and Blanche de Artois  (see separate)
    |                                                                    |
Edward II, King of England and Isabella of France    Joan of Acre, and Gilbert de Clare  (see separate)
Edward III,  King of England, and Philippa of Hainaut                      
  |                        |                               |
JOHN of GAUNT,           LIONEL,                         EDMUND of Langley
(Duke of Lancaster)      (Duke of Clarence)                |
  |                        |                               |                                                                                       
Joan Beaufort	        Philippe = Edmund de Mortimer      |	
Anne Neville             Roger de Mortimer                |  
Margaret Stafford        Anne de Mortimer - She married -Richard, Earl of Cambridge
John Dunham                                  Richard, Duke of York
John Dunham II                               Edward IV, King of England
John Dunham III                              Elizabeth   md  Thomas de Lumley
Ralph Dunham                                 Sybel de Lumley 
Thomas Dunham                                William Hilton 
John Dunham Sr.                              Mark Roger Hilton
John Dunham Jr.                              Rebecca Hilton
Mary Dunham                                  Ann Roberts  
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Sylvanus Hamblin                             Ester Philbrick     
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                            Clive Tenney
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