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AQUILINUS, nobleman of Lyon

AQUILINUS, nobleman of Lyon
Born circa 430; son of (name unknown), who was vicaris from 423 to 448.
He died about 470.



Aquilinus of Lyon
Rusticus Bishop of Lyon
Artemia and Florentin, Bishop of Geneva
Arthemia and Munderic, Lord of Vitry-en-Parthois
Mummolin, maior domus of Nuestria palace
Bodogisil II, Duke of Aquitaine, and Chrodoare
Arnulf, Bishop of Metz, and Doda of Herstal
Ansegisel and Begga of Landen
Pepin of Heristal and Chalpaida
Charles Martel and Rotrude of Trier
Pepin the Short and Bertrada
Charlemagne (Charles the Great)
Pepin II, King of Italy, and Bertha of Toulouse
Bernhard I, King of Italy, and Kinigunde
Pepin, Count of Vermandois 
Herbert I of Vermandois and Bertha de Morvois 
Beatrix of Vermandois and Robert I, King of the Franks 
Hughes Magnus and Hedwige of Saxony 
Hugh Capet, King of France, and Adelaide of Aquitaine 
Robert II, The Pious, and Constance de Taillefer (Toulouse) 
  |                                                                                |
Henry I, King of France, and Anna of Kiev      Robert I, Duke of Burgundy, and Helie of Semur 
Philip I, King of France, and Bertha of Holland          |
Louis VI, King of France and Adélaide de Maurienne  (see separate)
Louis VII, King of France, and Constance of Castile
Margaret (Marguerite) of Naples. She married Charles, Count of Valois.
Jeanne of Valois. She married William III, The Good, Count of Holland and Haunault.
Philippa of Hainault. She married Edward III Plantagenet, King Of England.
  |                        |                               |
JOHN of GAUNT,           LIONEL,                         EDMUND of Langley
(Duke of Lancaster)      (Duke of Clarence)                |
  |                        |                               |                                                                                       
Joan Beaufort	        Philippe = Edmund de Mortimer      |	
Anne Neville             Roger de Mortimer                |  
Margaret Stafford        Anne de Mortimer - She married -Richard, Earl of Cambridge
John Dunham                                  Richard, Duke of York
John Dunham II                               Edward IV, King of England
John Dunham III                              Elizabeth   md  Thomas de Lumley
Ralph Dunham                                 Sybel de Lumley 
Thomas Dunham                                William Hilton 
John Dunham Sr.                              Mark Roger Hilton
John Dunham Jr.                              Rebecca Hilton
Mary Dunham                                  Ann Roberts  
Elkenah Hamblin                              Joseph Philbrick   
Sylvanus Hamblin                             Ester Philbrick     
Barnabus Hamblin                             Anne Rand    
Isaiah Hamblin                               Sarah Shannon                                        
          |                                  Jeremiah Leavitt
Jacob Vernon Hamblin    --  He married  --  Sarah Priscilla Leavitt
                            Ella Ann Hamblin
                            Clive Tenney
                            Mildred Tenney
                           Deborah Lee Handy