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ASRUTH. (Azariah)(Ezra-S2)(Easru-S2).

Ancient genealogies give a conflicting ancestry for Azariah. The descent is the same, so it is aparent they are speaking of the same person and line, but the ancestry differs.
In one, he is son of Ethan.
In the other, he is son of Gaodhal.

In the first version, he is named as Azariah or Easru, the son of Ethan. He is possibly noted in Chronicles thus:
And the sons of Ethan; Azariah. 1 Chronicles 2:8

The name Azariah is often shortened in Hebrew to Ezra. Its Old Irish form would be Easru. So here we have an Azariah (or Ezra), of the same generation as Moses, living at the time of the Exodus, whose descendants did not settle in Palestine, and who was of the Crimson Branch. At the same time Irish history reveals an Easru - Old Irish for Azariah or Ezra - living in Moses' day, crossing the Red Sea, but not settling in Palestine, whose descendants in after generations used the symbol of the Crimson Branch. (S1).

In the second version (S2), Azariah is named Asruth, the son of Gaodhal.

From Azariah, or Asruth, the descent is shown as the same, from Sruth (or Sru), so we know they are talking about the same lineage, it is just the ancestry that is questionable.


  1. Sruth. (Sru-S1). Sruth was a son of Asruth. Asruth frequently supported the Israelites against the Egyptians, so shortly after Asruth’s death, the Egyptians attacked Sruth and his followers. After many battles, Sruth and his few remaining followers were forced to leave Egypt. After a long sea journey, they arrived at the Island of Crete, where Sruth died. [Other sources say that the Egyptians attacked Sruth after the pharaoh was drowned in the Red Sea in pursuit of the Israelites, but Sruth probably lived long before the Exodus.]


Heber Scut
Beouman, King of Scythia
Ogaman, King of Scythia
Tait, King of Scythia
Agnon, of Scythia
Lamhfionn, King of Gothia.  
Heber Glunfionn, King of Gothia
Agnan Fionn, King of Gothia
Febric Glas, King of Gothia
Nenuall, King of Gothia
Nuadhad, King of Gothia
Aedan Glas
Simon Breac
Eochaid Son of Duach
Ugaine Mor
-Juran Son of Mellage
Connla Caem
Oilialla Son of Conla
Eochaid Ailteleathan mac Ailella
Aenghus Tuirmheach Teamhrach
Fiachu Fer Mara mac Aengusa
Ailill Erann mac Fiachach
Fearadhach mac Ailella
Fergus mac Feradaig
Maine Mor mac Fergusa
Airndil Dornaidel Nimrod mac Maine
Rothrer mac Airndil
Trer mac Rotherer
Roshin mac Trer
Suin mac Rosin
Dedad Deagha mac Suin
Ivar Mor Ottangus mac Deadha
Ailill Anglonnach Aulomm
Eogan Ottaongus mac Ailell
Eterscel Mor mac Eoghan
Conaire I Mor mac Etersceoil
Cairpre Finn Mor mac Conaire ui Eremoin
Daire Dorn Mor mac Cairpre
Coirpre Cromcheann mac Daire
Luctacus mac Caibre
Mogh Lamha mac Lugdach and Eithne
Conaire Caem mac Modh Lamha
Eochaid Cairbre Riata mac Conaire
Fiachra Cathmail mac Echach
Eochaid Antoit mac Fiachrach
Achir Cirre mac Echach, King of Dalriada Ireland.   (c231AD-294AD).
Finn Fiacc mac Achir, King of Dalriada Ireland.  (249AD-303AD).  
Cruitluithe mac Finn.  (c270AD-317AD).  King of Dalriada Ireland. 
Senchormac Fincormach mac Cruithluithe, King of Dalriada Ireland. (c280AD-338AD). 
Fedelmid Ruamach mac Senchormac, King of Dalriada Ireland.  (c304AD-?).  
Aengus Buiding mac Feideilmid. King of Dalriada Ireland.  
Fedelmid Aislingich Fedlimid Aisling.  King of Dalriada, Ireland 
Aengus Fert mac Feideilmid..  King of Dalriada, Ireland 
Eochaid Muinremuir mac Oengus, King of Dalriada Ireland.  (c380AD-439AD).  
Erc mac Echach. (c400AD-474AD). Had 12 sons, six stayed in Ireland, six moved to Scotland. 
Fergus Mor Mac Erca Came to Scotland about 420 AD. (?-487AD)
Domangart I (Dongard) (?-457AD)
Gabhran (Conran) (d. 535 AD)
Aidan of Argyll (Edhan) (?-608AD)
EOCHAIDH I Buidhe (Eugene IV) (d.622AD)
DOMNALL BREC (Donald IV)  (?-c642AD)
DOMANGART II MacDomnall (?-673AD)  
EOICHAID of Argyl (?-698AD) md. Entfidich
Aed Find (Etfinus, Ethafind) (d. 761 AD) m. Fergina
EOCHAID Achaias (d. 819 AD) m. Fergusia
ALPIN MacEochaid (d. 834 AD)
Kenneth II MacAlpin (c810-854AD)
Constantin I, King of Scotland (d. 874 AD)
DONALD II, King of Scotland (d. 903 AD)
MALCOLM I, King of Scotland (?-954AD)
KENNETH II, King of Scotland (?-995AD)
MALCOLM II, King of Scotland (c954-1034AD)
Bethoc (Beatrix) md. Crinan of Dunkeld.
Duncan I, The Gracious (c1001-1040) md. Aelflaed (Sybil) of Northumbria 
MALCOLM III Caenmore (d. A.D.1055-1093) md. Margret of England
DAIVD I, The Saint (c1080-1153) md. Maud of Northcumberland
HENRY of Huntingdon (d. A.D.1152 ) md. Adama of Surrey
David of Huntingdon (?-1219 ) md. Maud of Chester
Isabella of Huntingdon md. Robert IV de Brus ((?-c1233)
Robert V de Brus (c1215–1295) md. Isabella de Clare, of Gloucester
Robert VI de Brus md. Marjorie of Carrick
Robert I Bruce (1274-1329) md. Isabella of Mar
Margary Bruce md. Walter Stewart III
Robert II (d. A.D. 1390) md. Euphemia of Ross (d. A.D. 1376)
Robert III (Stuart) (d. A.D. 1406) md. Arabella Drummond (d. A.D. 1401)
James I, King of Scotland (1394-1437).   md. Joan Beaufort
Joan STEWART (STUART) (1428-1493).  md. James DOUGLAS III, Earl of Morton 
Janet DOUGLAS (c1461-1489).  md. Patrick HEPBURN 
Jane HEPBURN (1485-c1558).   md. George SEATON 
George SEATON III (c1508-1549).  md. Elizabeth HAY 
Marion SEATON (1528-1567).  md. John GRAHAM 
Margaret (Mary) GRAHAM (1549-?).  md. George BUCHANAN      
Margaret Helen BUCHANAN (1576-1617).  md. (Sir) Alexander COLQUHOUN 
(Sir) Alexander Colquhoun (c1593-?) md. Marion Stirling (Sterling) 
(Sir) John Colquhoun (1595 or1632-c1647) md. Rebecca Short  
William Cahoon (1633-1675) md. Deliverence Peck
Joseph Cahoon (1665-1710) md. (2) Elizabeth Scranton  
Ebenezer Cahoon (c1706-?) md. Mary Reynolds 
William Cahoone (1733-1813) md. (2) Elizabeth Vaughan 
William Cahoon (1765-1828) md. (2) Mary Smith 
Mary Cahoon (1810-c1838) md. David Elliott  
Peter Mack Elliott (1833-1885) md. Charlotte Alvord
Harriett Louisa Elliott (1860-1902) md. James Newberry Morris 
Eli Ray Morris (1892-1980) md. Tina Matilda Kunzler 
LeGrand Elliott Morris (1916-2005) md. Dorothea Bertha Ernestine Kersten (1922-?)
Rodney Allen Morris  md. Deborah Lee Handy