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Peter Atte Wode and Alice

Peter Atte Wode. (Attewode). [Familytree].
Born about 1245 in Hooley House, Coulsdon, Surrey, England; son of William Atte Wode.

He married Alice. (S1).

Peter Atte Wode and his wife Alice sued in 1279 to record title to a 220 acre tract which is known today as Woods Place. It was an old English custom to sue in courts in order to get a record of a transfer of land. The purchaser would sue the previous owner, claiming he had purchased the land and was not given freedom of the land, etc. The previous owner would appear and avow that the bill of complaint was devised without just cause, etc. The suit was then dismissed and the record of the proceedings was torn into three parts. One part went to the plaintiff, one to the defendant, and the third part was kept as a public record. The third part was known as the feet ends, or Pedes Finium. (S1).

He died after 1313. (S1).

Born about 1254. (S1).

CHILDREN of Peter Atte Wode:
  1. (Sir) William Atte Wode. [Familytree]. Born about 1270. He married Juliana. He died in 1345. (S1).


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