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(Sir) William Atte Wode and Juliana

(Sir) William Atte Wode. (Attewode). [Familytree].
Born about 1270 in Hooley House, Coulsdon, Surrey, England; son of Peter Atte Wode and Alice.

He married Juliana. (S1).

William Atte Wode and his wife Juliana sued in 1318 to record title to a tract of land in Breckham, a few miles to the northeast of Woods Place. It was an old English custom to sue in courts in order to get a record of a transfer of land. The purchaser would sue the previous owner, claiming he had purchased the land as was not given freedom of the land, etc. The previous owner would appear and avow that the bill of complaint was devised without just cause, etc. The suit was then dismissed and the record of the proceedings was torn into three parts. One part went to the plaintiff, one to the defendant, and the third part was kept as a public record. The third part was known as the feet ends, or Pedes Finium. (S1).

By 1341 he was known as Sir William, and was Captain of the Kings Guard at Westminister Palace. Two of William's sons were Sergeants-at-Arms to the King. (S1).

It is said that he once stopped the Archbishop of Canterbury from entering Parliament because the Archbishop insisted on the admission of his non-member partisans. (S1).

By 1345, King Edward III had enrolled a vast army and made his invasion of France, which was part of the 100 Years War. Sir William and two of his sons, Richard and William, were in this war. Sir William fell in one of the earlier actions, having settled Hooley House on a third son, Geoffrey. Geoffrey enrolled in the army also and was killed in the Battle of Crecy. (S1).

He died in 1345 (S1) at the Battle of Crecy.
The Battle of Crecy took place on 26 August 1346 near Crecy in northern France. It was one of the most important battles of the Hundred Years' War, because of the combination of new weapons and tactics used. This made Edward III's army powerful, even when outnumbered by the French forces. (S2).

Born about 1274 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England. (S1).

CHILDREN of (Sir) William Atte Wode and Juliana:
  1. Geoffrey Atte Wode. [Familytree]. Born about 1295. He married Anisia. He died on 26 August 1346. (S1).
  2. Richard Atte Wode. Born about 1297, of Coulsdon, Surrey, England. He died on 26 August 1346. (S1).
  3. William Atte Wode. Born about 1299 in Coulsdon, Surrey, England.


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