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John Atwood and Denys

John Atwood. (Woode-S1)(Atwood-S1). [Familytree].
Born about 1445 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England; son of John Atte Wode and Isabella de Mules. (S1).

He married Denys about 1483. They had four sons all named John; and also three other children. (S1).

He signed his will as John Woode:
John Woode, of Sanderstead, Co. Surrey, Yeoman.
(P.C.C. 36 Bodefelde, 31 July 1525, proved 5 September 1525. Somerset House.
To mother church of Winchester....to high alter church of Sander-stead....To hich alter church of Croyden, for tithes forgotten...o Brotherhood of Jesus, mass of Croyden....Usual bequests for masses for soul.
To wife Denys....
To John, my third sonne....
To John, my eldest sonne, sheep at Woodmanstone (Wodemersthorne)
To John my fourth sonne, sheep at Woodmanstone.
To John my youngest sonne, sheep at Waddon, at age of twenty years.
To Edward, my sonne at twenty years, codicil gives him land at Beckenham, Kent.
To Henry, my sonne, lease of Waddon Manor, Croydon Parish.
To Agnes, my daughter....
To John, my third sonne and Henry, my sonne, sheep at Norbury.
To John, my third sonne, my Manor at Sanderstead.
To John, my younger sonne, mesuage (Buildings and Land) Coulsdon, Co. Surrey.l
To Henry, my sonne, residue; executor, with John Lambard and John Ownsted, Co-Executors.
Overseer, Nicholas Lye.
Witnesses: Edward Prestland, Richard Bray, John Woodstok, Thomas Onsted, John Woodstok.

He died on 30 July 1525 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England. (S1).

Denys. (Denes-S1)(Denys-S1).
Born about 1454 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England. (S1).

She signed her will as Denes Atwood:
Denes Atwood will as proved in the parish church of Kyngeston, XVII March, 1530, Principal Registry Court in Probate Court, Wills, Archdeaconry of Surrey. (174 Mychell).
In the Name of God, Amen. the XXth day of August the yere of our Lord God MCCCCCXXX. I Denes Atwood, layte wyf of John Atwood of Saunderstede in the counte of Surr and dioc of Winchester wedow beying in good mynde and pfyte remembrance lawd be to god make thys testament and last wyll in manner and form followyng.
-ffyrst I bequeth my soull to ailmyghty god to the virgyn Mary and to all the company of hevyn and my body to be buryed wtin the church of Sanderstede before the aulter of Saynt kateryne.
Itm I bequeth unto the hys alter of the same churche of sawndersted 1111d.
A Itm I bequeth to the mother churche of Winchester 1111d.
Itm I bequeth unto the buylldyng of the yelle (aisle) of Seynt Kateryn wtin the said churche of Saunderstede vii li.
Itm I bequeth unto Richard Atwood my son vii li.
Itm I bequeth unto John Atwood my youngest son xl s.
Itm I bequeth unto Agnes, my daughter, by best gowne and best kyrtell.
I bequeth unto John Atwood my secunde sone otherwyse called Hewson, xl shepe wt the ffether bed complet wt al that longyth thereto also the same John Atwood to have helfe brasse and pewter and my sonne Richard to have the other halfe.
Itm I bequeth to the sylyng (cieling) of the body of the said churche of Saunderstede x angell nobylls.
Itm I bequeth to a branche of brasse to bere a lyght a for seynt Kateryn xv i.s.
Itm I bequeth 2s to have v trentalls the pson Wyll dispose yt.
Itm I bequeth John Atwood the older vii li.
Itm I bequeth also to the said John at xl s in the hands of Henry Atwood I constitute and ordeyne my esecutor of this my last wyll John Atwoode the Elder and the pson to be overseer of thys my wyll.
Thes to witness
Sr. Edward Prestland
(Signed) Denes Atwood
pson peter harman
wt many other wemen
She died on 17 March 1530 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England. (S1).

CHILDREN of John Atwood and Denys:
  1. Henry Atwood. Born about 1484 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England.
  2. John the Elder. Born about 1486 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England. He died in 1529.
  3. John Hewson Atwood. (Atte Wode-S1)(Atwood-S1). [Familytree]. Born about 1490. He married Margaret Grenville. He was buried on 19 March 1562 at St. Martin in the Fields, London, England. (S1).
  4. Nicholas Atwood. Born possibly about 1491.
  5. John Richard Atwood. Born about 1492 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England.
  6. Edward Atwood. Born about 1494
  7. Agnes Atwood. Born about 1496 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England. She married John Ownstead (Sr.).
  8. John the Younger. Born about 1498 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England.


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