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Adam de Audithley and Mabella Stonleigh

Adam de AUDITHLEY. [Familytree].
Son of Lydulph de ALDIYHLEY.

Among the Norman knights who accompanied William, the Conqueror, into England in 1066 were Adam de Aldiyhley and his two sons, Lydulph and Adam. These received, as did others of William's associates, large possessions from the conquered lands as a reward for their services. Lydulph, the elder son, had a son Adam, and Adam, the younger son, had a son William, and these two young Normans, both grandsons of the old Norman warrior, married wives of the Saxon family de Stoneley.

NOTE: The dating here does not match. If Lydulph de Aldiyhley took his two sons with him at the time of William the Conqueror, Lydulph would have to have been born somehwhat before 1050, and his sons would have been born possibly about 1050, and not about 1115. So it seems that probable that a couple of generations must be missing here.

Adam de Alditheley, son of Lydulph, married Mabella Stonleigh, and received with her in marriage portion the two adjacent estates of Stonleigh and Balterley. They were the ancestors of the noble family of Audley, so called by the shortening of the name from Aldiyheley to Audley. (S2).

He died between 1201 and 1211.

Daughter and heiress of Henry de STONLEIGH.

CHILDREN of Adam de Audithley and Mabella Stonleigh
  1. Henry de AUDITHLEY. [Familytree]. Born about 1175. He married Bertred MAINWARING. He died in 1236.


Adam de Audithley (?-c1210) and Mabella de Stonleigh
Henry de Audithley (c1175-1236) and Bertred Mainwaring        
Ela Longspee and James de Audley.                  
Hugh de Audley md  Isolde de Mortimer.            
Hugh de Audley md  Margaret de Clare.           
Margaret de Audley.   md Ralph de Stafford.      
Hugh Stafford.  md Philippa de Beauchamp.         
Edmund Stafford.  md Anne of Gloucester.        
Humphrey Stafford.  md Anne Neville.            
Margaret Stafford md Robert Dunham.             
John Dunham md Elizabeth Bowett.                
John Dunham II md Jean Thorland.                 
John Dunham III md Benedict Folgamsee.           
Ralph Dunham.  He married Elizabeth Wentworth.    
Thomas Dunham. He married Jane Bromley.          
John Dunham Sr.. He married Susanna Kenney/Keno.  
John Dunham Jr..  He married Mary.                
Mary Dunham. She married  James Hamblin.          
Elkenah Hamblin.  He married Abigail Hamblin.     
Sylvanus Hamblin.  He married Dorcas Fish.        
Barnabus Hamblin.  He married Mary Bassett.      
Isaiah Hamblin.  He married Daphne Haynes.       
Jacob Vernon Hamblin md Sarah Priscilla Leavitt. 
Ella Ann Hamblin md Warren Moroni Tenney.         
Clive Vernon Tenney md Minnie Williams
Mildred Ella Tenney = Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris