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Amadeus II and Jeanne de Geneve

Amadeus II. Count of Savoy. (Amadeo). [Familytree].
Born (about 1032)(about 1046) at Maurienne, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France; son of Oddon Count of Savoy, Maurienne, and Chablais (Otto)(Eudes), and Adelaida di Susa, Marchese di Turino. (S1).

Count of Savoy from 1060 to 1080, ruling jointly with Peter until 1078. His effective rule after Peter's death was only nominal, as the reins remained in his mother Adelaide's hands. The two had visited Rome in 1073.(S1).

On 16 July 1078 Amadeus and Peter witnessed a donation of their mother's to the Abbey of Novalesa.[2] It was the last act of Amadeus and Peter together. (S2).

He died (in 1080-S1)(on 26 January 1080-S2) (at Carbonierres, Savoy, France-S1)(at Turing-S2); and was buried at the Monastery of Sant'Andrea, Turin, Piedmont, Italy. (S1).

The succession of Amadeus II is unclear. His son Humbert II, who was later Count of Savoy, is well known, but in 1082 the Count of Savoy was Otto II. Although Amadeus is known to have had a younger brother named Otto, he is more likely to have been the Bishop of Asti of this name and time. This has led some scholars, beginning with the Conte di Vesme, to make Otto II the eldest son of Amadeus II, who succeeded him and was in turn succeeded by Humbert II.[8] In the immediate aftermath of Amadeus's death, Adelaide took control of all the Savoyard lands on both sides of the Alps. (S2).

Jeanne de Geneve. (Joan)(Giovanna)(of Geneva).
Born about 1040 at Geneva, Switzerland; daughter of Gerold I, Count of Geneva, and Gisela of Burgundy. (S3).

daughter of "Girard, Count of Burgundy", which scholars have surmised to have been Count Gerold II of Geneva. The Chronicon Altacumbae says only that "the wife of Amadeus [was] from Burgundy", which might refer to Amadeus I. If his wife were Genevan, it would explain how the house of Savoy came so early to possess a large portion of the Genevois. (S1).

She died about 1095 at Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France. (S3).

CHILDREN of Amadeus II and Jeanne de Geneve:
  1. Humbert II, Count of Savoy and Gisele de Bourgogne. (Humbert II le Renforcé, comte de Savoie). He married Gisele de Bourgogne.
  2. Adélaïde de Maurienne, Comtesse de Savoie et de Maurienne. She married Manasses, sire de Coligny. She died in 1090.
  3. Auxilia de Savoie, de Bâgé. (Ausilia)(Alice)(Usilia). She married Umberto di Beaujeu (Humbert II).
  4. Oddon de Savoy, count.
  5. Constance. She married Otto II of Montferrat.