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Amadeus of Oscheret

Amadeus of Oscheret
(c. 790-867). of possible Bavarian origin with landholdings also in Tegernsee. (S1).


CHILDREN of Amadeus of Oscheret
  1. Anscar I, Margrave of Ivrea. (860 - March 902) was the margrave of Ivrea from 888 to his death. From 877 or 879, he was the count of Oscheret in Burgundy. (S1).


Amadeus of Oscheret
Anscar I, margrave of Ivrea
Adalbert I of Ivrea and Gisela of Friuli
Berengar II of Italy, and Willa of Tuscany
Adalbert of Ivrea, King of Italy, and Gerberga of Macon
Otto-William, Count of Burgundy and Ermentrude de Roucy
Renaud I and Alice of Normandy
William I of Burgundy and Stephanie of Barcelona
Raymond of Burgundy and Urraca of Castile
Alfonso VII, Emperor of Spain, and Berenguela
Ferdinand II, King of Leon, and Urraca of Portugal
Alfonso IX, King of Leon, and Berengaria of Castile
Ferdinand III, King of Castile,  and (1) Beatrice (Elizabeth) of Swabia (Hohenstaufen); and (2) Joan de Dammertien
             ___________________|_____________                        ____________________|
            |                                                                       |                       |                                     
Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon                        ?            Eleanor of Castile and Edward I, King of England 
Sancho IV wife Marķa de Molina
Isabel and James II of Aragon


Edward I, King of England, and Eleanor of Castile
    |                                                                  |                                               
Edward II, King of England, and Isabella of France           Joan of Acre and Gilbert de Clare
Edward III, King of England, and Philippa of Hainaut                      Margaret de Clare and Hugh de Audley                                            
Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, and Elizabeth de Burgh    Margaret de Audley and (Sir) Ralph de Safford
Philippa Plantagenet and Edmund de Mortimer       Hugh de Stafford and Philippa de Beauchamp
Roger de Mortimer and Eleanor de Holand        Edmund de Stafford and Ann of Gloucester
Anne de Mortimer and Richard Plantagenet      Humphrey Stafford and Anne Neville
Richard, Duke of York, and Cecilly Neville          Margaret Stafford and Robert Dunham
Edward IV, King Of England and Elizabeth Lucy  John Dunham and Elizabeth Bowett
Elizabeth Plantagenet and Thomas de Lumley    John Dunham II and Jean Thorland
Sybel Lumley and William Hilton          John Dunham III and Benedict Folgamsee
William Hilton and Margaret Metcalfe  Ralph Dunham and Elizabeth Wentworth
(Capt) Mark Roger Hilton            Thomas Dunham and Jane Bromley
Rebecca Hilton and Thomas Roberts    John Dunham Sr. and Susannah Kenney
Anna Roberts and James Philbrick        John Dunham, Jr. and Mary
Joseph Philbrick and Tryphena Marston  Mary Dunham and James Hamblin, Jr. 
Ester Philbrick and Amos Rand            Elkenah Hamblin and Abigail Hamblin
Ann Rand and Thomas Shannon        Sylvanus Hamblin and Dorcas Fish
Sarah Shannon and Jeremiah Leavitt    Barnabus Hamblin and Mary Bassett
Jeremiah Leavitt and Sarah Sturtevant   Isaiah Hamblin and Daphne Haynes
Sarah Pricscilla Leavitt   --    and   --    Jacob Vernon Hamblin
Ella Ann Hamblin and Warren Moroni Tenney
Clive Vernon Tenney and Minnie Williams
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris