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Antenor (I) King of Troy

Antenor (I), King of Troy (in Scythia).
Son of Helenus.

He is confused with Antenor of the Trojan War, but they are separate individuals-with different fathers and children, but are greatly confused by historians.

Antenor is listed as the king of Troy, but this is unlikely. Even though Troy was a nation (a small one) rather than a city, by this time the Trojans no longer existed in the capacity to need a king. He was also the Chief Prince of Ephraim. He is believed to have joined up with the Cimmerians, a nomadic tribe from southern Russia. There is a legend that Antenor founded the city of Pedova [Padua], though Pedova was actually founded in 1185 BC. (S1).

Legends appear to indicate that he became a leader of the Cimmerians of Scythia on Black Sea; and led them westward into Europe.

The Trojans who left Troy in 677 after the Third Trojan War went to the area of the Black Sea where they joined the group that had been led there by Ascanius after the First Trojan War in 1181. Both were Trojans, both went to the northern shores of the Black Sea, but at different times. Both record the same kings as they proceed across Europe. (S2).

So he probably was not a king of Troy, but a leader of the Cimmerian people in Scythia.

Antenor died in 440BC. (S1).

In 445 B.C. their leader Antenor falls in battle against the Goths. (S2).


CHILDREN of Antenor King of Troy
  1. Marcomir I King of Cimmerians. He died in 411BC.


Antenor (I), King of Troy
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