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Philip Bachiler and Anne Flanders

(Philip?) BACHILER
He is possibly the father of Reverend Stephen BACHILER.
Philip was born about 1534 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England.

He married Anne Flanders.

Anne Flanders
Born about 1538 in England. She is said to be of Flanders, so both her maiden name and birth information may be incorrect.

She married Philip Batchelder.

POSSIBLE CHILDREN of Philip Bachiler and Anne Flanders:


Philip Bachiler and Anne Flanders
(Reverend) Stephen Bachiler and Anne Bate
    |                                                  |
Nathaniel BATCHELDER and Hester MERCER         Anne BACHILER and (John?) SANBORN
Nathaniel Batchelder and Deborah Smith         William Sanborn and Mary Moulton
Abigail Batchelder and John Dearborn           William Sanborn and Mary Marston
       |                                       John Sanborn and Ruth Roby          
Lydia Dearborn     ----    and     ----        Jeremiah Sanborn            
Lydia Sanborn and Nathaniel Leavitt (1727-1824) 
Jeremiah Leavitt (1760-1806) and Sarah Shannon
Jeremiah Leavitt (1796-1846) and Sarah Sturdevant
Sarah Priscilla Leavitt and Jacob Vernon Hamblin
Ella Ann Hamblin and Warren Moroni Tenney
Clive Vernon Tenney and Minnie Williams
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris