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Peter Bachmann and Agatha Heinrich

Peter Bachmann.
Born in 1545 at Belp, Bern, Switzerland. (S1).
NOTE: Said to be the father of Hans Jacob Bachmann, but his birth and death location in Bern rather than the Zurich area makes this relationship to Hans Jacob Bachmann questionable.
He married Agatha Heinrich. (S1).

He died after 1588 at Belp, Bern, Switzerland. (S1).

Agatha Heinrich.
Born in 1546 in Belp, Bern, Switzerland. (S1).

She died after 1588 at Belp, Bern, Switzerland. (S1).

CHILDREN of Peter Bachmann and Agatha Heinrich:
  1. Hans Jacob Bachmann. He married Ursel Manser.


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