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Richard de Bagulay and Alice de Vernon

Richard de Bagulay.
Of Ollerton

Ollerton Hall is a country house in the village of Ollerton, Cheshire, England. Its nucleus dates from the 17th century, originally on an H-plan, followed by a succession of "rambling extensions". A plaque over the entrance is inscribed with the initials THP" (for Thomas Henry Potts) and the date 1728. The house was built originally for the de Baguley family.

Much of the recorded history of Ollerton and Baguley Halls has been researched by the extensive American family Bigelow who have established that their family tree sprang from the two Halls. The first record is of Richard, Lord of Baguley in 1243. Richard's son, Ralph, married a daughter of Hamon de Massey whose son William succeeded to the title in 1320 and was the builder of Baguley Hall, near what is now Wythenshaw in south Manchester. That building is not currently open to the public, but is preserved as an historic monument. A younger son, Hamon de Baguley, apparently acquired an estate at Alretvne (Ollerton) in the late 1200's. Parish records of Ollerton do not exist before 1581, but records show that Ollerton Hall was owned by a Ralph Baguley at the time of his death in 1540. Three generations later a John Biglo, as the name had become on emigration to Massachusetts, was the American progenitor of the Bigelow family. It is believed that a building stood on the site of Ollerton Hall in Doomsday times ... although the Book only says "Ranulf Mainwaring holds, Ollerton, at 1 /2 virgate of land paying tax. Land for 2 oxen.

Alice de Vernon.

CHILDREN of Richard de Bagulay and Alice de Vernon:
  1. Ralph BAGULEY. [Familytree]. Born about 1500, of Ollerton, Cheshire, England; possibly son of Richard de Bagulay, of Ollerton and Alice de Vernon, of Ollerton. (S1). That they were his parents does not appear to be substantiated. (S2). He died in 1540 in Ollerton.


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