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Edward Baker and Joan Ellen Patterson

Edward BAKER.
Born (about 1600-S1)(about 1610-S6)(about 1614-S8)(about 1617-S5)(before 1620-S7) at Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

He possibly came to New England in the Winthrop fleet in 1630. (S1).

He married Jane/Joan (about 1637-S1)(before 1642-S7), probably at Lynn, Massachusetts.

He was admitted a freeman at Lynn, Massachusetts on 14 March 1638.

He was a farmer, and lived on the south side of Baker's Hill, in Saugus.

He resided at Northampton, Massachusetts from 1657 or 1658, and had grants of land there, but returned to Lynn before his death. His sons Joseph and Timothy remained at Northampton.

His will was dated 16 October 1685, and having previously provided for some of his children by deed, not all of them are named in it. He exhorts his family to live peaceable and pious lives, and desires for himself a decent funeral, suitable to his rank and quality while living.

He died on 16 March 1687 at Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.
He was buried on 16 March 1687. (S7)

Joan Ellen Patterson. (Jane-S4,S5,S7)(Joan-S1,S5,S7)(Jean). (Joan Ellen Patterson-S9).
Born about 1618. (S5). She married Edward BAKER about 1637, probably at Lynn, Massachusetts. She died on 9 April 1693 at Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Edward Baker and Jon Ellen Patterson:


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