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BALDWIN I, Ironarm, Count of Flanders, and Judith

Baldwin I, Ironarm. (Iron Arm)(Bras der Fer). First Count of Flanders. (Boudouin II).
Born about 837/840, probably in Flanders, Belgium; son of Odacre. (Audacer/Odoacer-S9).

He married Judith probably in January of 862 at the Monastery of Senlis in France. They eloped together and hid out from the wrath of her father until October 862, when they fled to her uncle Lothair. Charles was not pleased, and he had Baldwin excommunicated. Baldwin and Judith responded by traveling to Rome to plead their case to Pope Nicholas I. With the Pope's intervention Charles the Bald had to relent, and accepted the marriage. They were then officially married at Auxerre. To give Baldwin proper status, Charles made him count of Ghent. In the following years Baldwin was also given the counties of Ternois and Flanders. They made their residence in Flanders, thus becoming the first Count of Flanders.

Baldwin died in 879 A.D at Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France.

Judith. (Princess of the FRANKS, Queen of England)(Judith Martel)
Born (in 840-S4)(about 843-S7)(in 1844-S5)(probably in OCT 844-S5) in France; daughter of CHARLES II The Bald and ERMENTRUDE.

She was forced by her father to marry (1) ∆thelwulf, King of Wessex on 1 OCT 856 at Verberie sur Oise, France. He was 51 and she was 13. ∆thelwulf died on 13 JAN 858.

After the death of ∆thelwulf she was married (2) to his son ∆ethelbald in (After FEB-S5) 858. ∆ethelbald was (18)(24-S5) and she was still (13-S5)(14). (Before-S5)(After) his death, the marriage was annulled (in 860-S3,S5), and she was confined at Senlis.

She eloped (3) with Baldwin I, Ironarm, Count of Flanders [F2492427050] in JAN 862. He was 23, she was 18. They were probably married at the monastary of Senlis before they eloped. They hid until OCT 862 when they went to their uncle Lothair for protection. From there they fled to Pope Nicholas I for protection. They were then officially married at Auxerre. The Church did not demand parental consent, though it frowned on its absence.

She died (in 870-S4,S5)(after 870)(after 879-S7).



Baldwin I Ironarm and Judith
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