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BALDWIN II, Count of Flanders, and Aelfthrytha

BALDWIN II, Count of Flanders. (Margrave of Flanders-S5).
Born about 865 AD; son of BALDWIN I Ironarm and Judith.

Baldwin II (c. 865 – 10 September 918) was the second margrave (or count) of Flanders, ruling from 879 to 918. He was nicknamed the Bald (Calvus) after his maternal grandfather, King Charles the Bald. (S5).

The early years of Baldwin's rule were marked by a series of devastating Viking raids into Flanders. By 883, he was forced to move north to Pagus Flandransis, which became the territory most closely associated with the Counts of Flanders. Baldwin constructed a series of wooden fortifications at Saint-Omer, Bruges, Ghent, and Kortrijk. He then seized lands that were abandoned by royal and ecclesiastical officials. Many of these same citadels later formed castellanies which housed government, militia, and local courts. (S5).

He married Alfritha (Aelfthryth) between 893 and 899.
The immediate goal of that Anglo-Flemish alliance was to help Baldwin control the lower Canche River valley. (S5).

In 888, the western Frankish king, Charles the Fat, was deposed, leaving several candidates vying to replace him. As a grandson of Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor and King of West Francia, Baldwin could have competed for the crown of West Francia. Instead, Baldwin and others tried to convince the East Frankish King, Arnulf, to take the West Frankish crown, but Arnulf declined. The Robertine Odo, Count of Paris, was eventually made king. Odo and Baldwin's relationship deteriorated when Odo failed to support Baldwin's attempts to gain control of the Abbey of St. Bertin. Odo attacked Baldwin at Bruges but was unable to prevail. Baldwin continued his expansion to the south and gained control over Artois, including the important Abbey of St. Vaast. (S5).

He died on 10 September 918. (S5).
When the Abbey of St. Vaast came under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Fulk of Reims in 900, Baldwin had the archbishop assassinated and was excommunicated by Pope Benedict IV. When his attempts to expand further into the upper Somme River valley were opposed by Herbert I, Count of Vermandois, Baldwin had the count assassinated as well. Baldwin died on 10 September 918, at Blandijnberg (near Ghent) and was succeeded by his eldest son, Arnulf I of Flanders. His younger son, Adalulf, became the first Count of Boulogne. (S5).

AELFTHRYTHA (ALFRITHA)(Ælfthryth)(Elftrude or Elfrida-S5)(Ælfthryth of Wessex-S5).
of Wessex; daughter of ALFRED The Great and Ealswith. She married BALDWIN II, Count of Flanders between 893 and 899.

CHILDREN of BALDWIN II, Count of Flanders, and Aelfthrytha:


Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, and  Ælfthrytha of Wessex   
Arnulf I (c890-964) and Alix de Vermandois    
Baldwin III and Matilda
Arnulf II and Rozala of Lombardy
Baldwin IV (TheBearded) (980 – 1035), Count of Flanders, and Ogive of Luxembourg
Baldwin V and Adela
Matilda of Flanders and William The Conqueror
Henry I, King of England, and Eadgyth
Matilda and Geoffrey V, Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and Maine
Henry II, King of England, and Eleanor of Aquitaine
    |                                                                    |
John Lackland, King of England, and Isabella de Angoulême    Eleanor of England and Alphonso VIII, King of Castille  (see separate)
Henry III, King of England, (c1206-1272) and Alianore de Provence   
    |                                                                    |
Edward I, King of England, and Eleanor of Castile    Edmund Crouchback and Blanche de Artois  (see separate)
    |                                                                    |
Edward II, King of England and Isabella of France    Joan of Acre, and Gilbert de Clare  (see separate)
Edward III,  King of England, and Philippa of Hainaut                      
  |                        |                               |
JOHN of GAUNT,           LIONEL,                         EDMUND of Langley
(Duke of Lancaster)      (Duke of Clarence)                |
  |                        |                               |                                                                                       
Joan Beaufort	        Philippe = Edmund de Mortimer      |	
Anne Neville             Roger de Mortimer                |  
Margaret Stafford        Anne de Mortimer - She married -Richard, Earl of Cambridge
John Dunham                                  Richard, Duke of York
John Dunham II                               Edward IV, King of England
John Dunham III                              Elizabeth   md  Thomas de Lumley
Ralph Dunham                                 Sybel de Lumley 
Thomas Dunham                                William Hilton 
John Dunham Sr.                              Mark Roger Hilton
John Dunham Jr.                              Rebecca Hilton
Mary Dunham                                  Ann Roberts  
Elkenah Hamblin                              Joseph Philbrick   
Sylvanus Hamblin                             Ester Philbrick     
Barnabus Hamblin                             Anne Rand    
Isaiah Hamblin                               Sarah Shannon                                        
          |                                  Jeremiah Leavitt
Jacob Vernon Hamblin    --  He married  --  Sarah Priscilla Leavitt
                            Ella Ann Hamblin
                            Clive Tenney
                            Mildred Tenney
                           Deborah Lee Handy