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Guy Banbridge and Justice

Guy BANBRIDGE (Bainbridge).
Born about 1595 at Newcastle upon Tyne, England; son of Henry Banbridge and Anne Burnett.

Guy Banbridge married Justice about 1620 in England. (S1).

Buy Bainbridge arrived in 1634 at Boston or Charlestown, Massachusetts. (S3).

Guy Banbridge was made a freeman on 4 March 1635 at Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

He was buried on (10 April)(10 December) 1645 at Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
[NOTE: The confusion is probably because the record said in the 12th month, which in the old calendar would be in April].

Justice. (Cheaseman, Winsop, Banbridge, Lee?).
Justice was born about 1598 in England.
Some sources (S1) say she is the daughter of John Lee and Joyce Romney.

She married Guy Banbridge about 1620 in England. (S1).

She was about 70 when treated by John Winthrop, Jr., in August 1668.

Justice died about March 1673 at Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. Her estate was probated on 6 March 1672-1673 at Hartford, Connecticut; Her will was witnessed by Gregory Wolterton and Jane Wolterton.

The will of Justice Bainbridge (wife of Guy): (S4).
"First, I give my Soule to the Lord Jesus Christ, my Redeemer. For that Estate that I have to dispose of, I give to my daughter Plumbe my feather bed, to Elizabeth Plumbe my silk Cap, to my daughter Butler my Cloath Gowne & my blew watered one, & to Hanna butler my silkewhood, & Fower payer of shoes, two payre to my daughter plumbe, & two payre to my daughter Butlers children, & each of them a payre of stockings, & to Debora Green my Bedsted, all that to it excepting my bed, & my trunck & my box & all that is in them, my wareming pann, a chamber pott & an iron skillett & my stuffe gowne & my chair, my smoothing iron, my tongs & fire shovel, & Candle Stick; & for the five pound that Joseph Green gave me, I give 20 Shillings of it to Mr. John Whiting, & the rest of it shall be to pay for my Honourable Burial. Witness: Gregory Winterten, Jane Winterton. Justes X Banbury. Court Record, Page 129--6 March, 1672-3: Will proven." (S4).

The will of Justice Bainbridge (or Banbury, wife of Guy) forges a New World tie between the two Colonial New England PLUMB Families (John of Ridgewell Parish, County Essex, England; Weathersfied and Branford, Connecticut...and John of Inworth, County Essex, England; Hartford and New London, Connecticut). (S4).
These are the factors that "tie together" the two Colonial Plumb (Plume or Plumbe) families:
1. "Daughter Plumbe" It is believed that this "daughter Plumbe" of Guy & Justice married John Plumbe, Junior, son of John (1594-1648) and Dorothy (Wood) Plum of Ridgewell Parish, Essex, England, Weathersfield and Branford, Connecticut.
2. "Elizabeth Plumbe" it is believed that this "Elizabeth Plumbe" is the daughter of Samuel and Jane Bainbridge (or Banbury) Green, who married John Plume (or Plumbe 1634-1696), son of George and Grace Plume, of Inworth, Essex, England, Hartford & New London, Connecticut. She is therefore the Granddaughter of Guy & Justice Bainbridge (or Banbury).
3. "Deborah Green" It is believed that this "Deborah" is the youngest daughter of Samuel and Jane Bainbridge (or Banbury) Green, younger sister of Elizabeth Green who married John Plume (or Plumbe 1634-1696).

  1. Jane Banbridge. Born about 1620. She married Samuel GREEN. She died on 16 November 1657


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