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John BARNARD and Frances HOYT

John BARNARD. [Familytree].
Born 12 January 1654 at Salisbury (possibly in the new town section, which became Amesbury), Essex County, Massachusetts; son of Thomas BARNARD and Eleanor.
He married Frances HOYT on 27 December 1675.
He was a Captain.
He died 15 July 1718 at Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Frances HOYT. [Familytree].
Born (about 1635-S1)(12 January 1635-1636-S2); daughter of (Sergeant) John HOYT and Frances (TUXBURY?)

She married (1) John COLBY, son of Anthony COLBY on 14 January 1655-6 at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.
She married (2) John BARNARD on 27 December 1676 at Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.
She died 2 January 1720-1721 at Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, age about 85 years.

CHILDREN of Frances HOYT and John COLBY:

The only child of John BARNARD and Frances HOYT:


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