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Robert BARNARD and Joanna HARVEY

Born about 1617; son of Thomas Barnard and Anne Cooke.

Robert was christened on 19 October 1617 at Church of England Parish Church, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. (S2).

He married Joanna HARVEY about 1641. (S2).
There is a record of Robert Barnard and Jone Harvey being married on 7 May 1642 in the Lincolnshire Register of Marriages. (S6). It is thought that this is probably their correct marriage record.
He is said to have arrived in New England about 1642 to 1644. (S5).

In Andover, he had a house and lot near Mr. Simon Bradstreet's, as one of the first settlers; and he was one of the founders of the church there in 1645. (S7).

In September 1644 and attempt was made to form a church at Andover, the meeting being held and Rowley, as there were not sufficient accomodations at Andover, but on account of a technicality the organization was not effected until October 1645. The names of the first ten members, freeholders (as required by law to constitute a church), were John Woodbridge (teacher), John Osgood, Robert Barnard, John Frye, Nicholas Holt, Richard Barker, Joseph Parker, Nathan Parker, Richard Blake, Edmund Falulker; given in the order of their signing. (S4).

In October 1641, William, Earl of Sterling, deeded the island of Nantucket to Thomas Mayhew of Watertown, Massachusetts Bay. In 1659 Mayhew sold an interest in the island to nine other purchasers, reserving 1/10th of an interest for himself, “for the sum of thirty pounds…and also two beaver hats, one for myself, and one for my wife.” Each of the ten original owners was allowed to invite one partner. Thomas Barnard was one of the original 10 purchasers, and he brought in his brother, Robert Barnard as a partner. (S3).

He moved to Nantucket about 1663. (S7).

He died in 1682 at Nantucket, Massachusetts. (S2).

Administration of the estate of "Robert Barnard, Sr.", late of Andover, yeoman, dec'd, intestate, was granted to his grandson, Robert Barnard on Feb. 1, 1714-5. Stephen Barnard signed a statement that he was incapable of acting, by reason of age, and asking that his son Robert be appointed. Robert Sr. had been dead for more than 30 yrs. at this time. The inventory of May 13, 1716, contained only a four acre division of land in Andover. (S7).

Joanna (Harvey?). (Joanne-S10)(Harvey-S9,S10)(Kingman?-S10).

She married Robert BARNARD.

Joanna died March 31, 1705. (S7).



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