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William Barnes and Rachel Fitts Lord

William BARNES. [PC W2-2].
Born (about 1610-S30)(about 1613-S23,S28,S31)(in 1613-S26)(1610-1615-S21)(about 1620-S1,S33) in England. He is said by some (S21) to be the son of Thomas Barnes and Mary Andrews who settled in Connecticut, but I see no connection between the two families.

He emmigrated to New England in 1635.(S20,S28). He arrived in the Globe. (S28).

He married Rachel FITTS (LORD) (about 1627)(1637-S30,S31)(in 1641-S28)(1642)(before 1643-S1)(in 1643-S23,S26) in (Salisbury-S23,S26), Essex County, Massachusetts.

He was a house-carpenter.(S26,S27,S28).

His son William is said to have been born in Salisbury in 1638, but that there is no birth record for him in Salisbury. That is because the town was not founded yet. On September 6, 1638, Secretary of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Simon Bradstreet, received an agreement from Governor Winthrop and the General Court giving him and eleven other men the right to begin a plantation north of the Merrimack River. This land grant included the towns of Amesbury and Merrimack, Massachusetts as well as the New Hampshire towns of Seabrook, South Hampton, Newton, Hampstead, Plaistow and Kingston. Salisbury, bordered by the Merrimack River and the Atlantic Ocean, originally named Colchester, was incorporated as Salisbury in 1640.

He received land in Salisbury in the "first division" 1640 and 1641. (S20).

In 1640-1641 he received the "Rocky Island" in the meadows.(S20).

He was one of the first settlers in Salisbury, Massachusetts. He received land there in the "first division" in 1640 and 1643.(S30).

He took the oath of freeman in 1641.(S28).

With his wife, he was at court on December 15, 1642 for holding the view that the baptism of infants was not an ordinance of God.(S30).

He removed to the west side of Powow and settled in what later became Amesbury. (S20,S27).

He and his family moved to Amesbury, Massachusetts, about 1650.(S30).

On 20 May 1664, William Barnes of Salisbury, house carpenter, sold to Jno. Clough of the same town, house carpenter, ...all that my division of salt marsh now lying and being within the township of Salisbury aforesaid (in a place commonly called by the name of Mr. Hall's farm) containing per estimation two acres more or less belonging unto my first division of the higgledee piggledee lots of salt marsh.

He was on the list of original settlers of Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. William was #29 on a list of 68 men who were "The first or Original list of ye townsmen of Salisbury in ye booke of Records" as recorded by Thomas Bradbury at a town meeting of 3 February 1650. At the same meeting virtually the same list (minus three men who were crossed out) were allowed to "be accompted townsmen and comoners" of the new town.(S1).

On 25 December 1650, "Willi: Barnes" was assessed 12d. 6s. in taxes in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. He was not on the list for the 18 JUL 1652 tax assessment.(S1).

[Some sources (S21,S28) give a different wife, Louisa Mellor. Born 9 Feb 1615 in St. Gregory, Sudbury, Essex, England. They were said to have been married 23 Jun 1630 in Salisbury/Amesbury, Essex, MA, USA. She died 9 Feb 1686 Since Rachel was alive after 1686, they could not both have been wives of the same William Barnes. He is also said by (S21) to have married a third wife (unnamed) about 1639, who was born about 1615, and who was of East Winch (Winchester?), Norfolk, England . Quite a trick if all three wives lived to a ripe old age.].

He signed a will on 7 April 1696.(S28,S30).
The will of William Barnes:
In ye name of God Amen
I William Barns of ye town of Almsbury in ye County of Essex in their Majeste province of ye Mattashusets Bay in New Engld: Being weake & infirme in body but through ye goodness of God of perfect memory & understanding Do make this my las will & testament...
Imprimis I do ...Ratifie...ye agreement about a drift way through my great Lott or farme adjoyning to ye Country pond in Alsbury unto Mr Thomas Wells now minister of Almsbury according to ... ye ... Agreemt made...betwixt my Son in law John Hoyt Senr & sd Wells about ye same as it is now extant in a Script under both thier hands Datd May ye twenty third day, An: Dom: one thousand six hundred eighty & eight.
It: I Give & Bequeath unto my daughter Mary Hoyt...to keep or dispose of without controlle at her own pleasure after the death of her now husband John Hoyt of Almsbury all ye rest of my sd Great farme...and yt ye sd John Hoyt her husband shall have ye use...of it during ye terme of his naturall life onely. (S36).

He died (after 1692-S1)(14 March 1697-S21,S26,S27,S28)(before 28 September 1698-S29) in (Salisbury-S21,S23,S26)(Amesbury-S27,S28,S29), Essex County, Massachusetts. He was buried in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. (S21)

Rachel FITTS (LORD). [PC W2-2].
Born (1607-S21)(about 1610-S34)(1617-S23,S28,S31)(1625-S1) in Essex, England.(S21).

She is sometimes said to be the daughter of Anthony LORD and Katherine THOMPSON.(S21,S34), or Robert FITTS and Grace, widow LORD, or of Grace and her previous husband (unknown) LORD. The most likely is that she is the sister of Robert FITTS, who called her husband William Barnes my brother -- not my son -- in his will.(S1). So it appears a key to her identity is to find out more about Robert FITTS and his family.

She married William BARNES [F15630] (about 1627)(1637-S29,S31)(about 1638-S30)(in 1641-S28)(1642)(before 1643-S1)(in 1643-S23,S26) in (Salisbury-S23,S26), Essex County, Massachusetts.

She died (9 Feb 1685-1686-S23,S28,S29,S33)(FEB 1685-1686-S27)(1696-S21) at (Amesbury-S27,S28)(Salisbury-S23,S29), Essex County, Massachusetts. (S20).

CHILDREN of William BARNES and Rachel FITTS (LORD):