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Our Basset Family Ancestors


Thurstan Basset (10501128) is the founder of Basset family in England, and came from Quilly Basset, Normandy. (S2).

The Bassett family in Sandwich, England is Huguenot per Barber's "British Family Names"{-"The Trail of the Huguenots...," G. Elmore Reaman (Toronto: Thomas Allen Ltd., 1963, p.263)} (S1).

Thurstine de Bassett was Grand Falconer to the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. The name is thereafter notable in England - in the Domesday Book as well as the Battle Abbey Roll. Thurstine built Beaupre Castle near Cambridge in Glamorgan, Wales, soon after the Conquest, and his son Ralph was Lord Chief Justice of England under King Henry I. Another Bassett castle is at Tehidy Park in Camborne, Cornwall. This line had large incomes from mining. (S1).

Pont-d'Ouilly is a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region in northwestern France, lying on the river Orne. The commune of Pont-d'Ouilly was created in 1947, from the merger of the two former communes of Saint-Marc-d'Ouilly and Ouilly-le-Basset. Official website: http://www.pont-douilly.com/. (S3).

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                                                      Norman de Basset, of Ouilly Basset, Normandy, France
                                                       Osmond de Centville
                                                        Fouque de Basset
                                                       Thurstine de Basset, of Ouilly Basset, Normandy, France  
                                                        Ralph Basset.  (c1076-1120). Chief Justicar of England.  He  married  Alice de Buci   
                                         |                                         |                                                       |
                                  Richard de Basset md Matilda de Ridel        Thomas Basset (c1090-?)                               William de Basset
                                  Ralph Basset md Alice                    Gilbert Basset md Edith de Ouilly                         Simon Basset md Elizabeth Avenal
                                  Ralph Basset md Isabell                     Thomas Basset md Alice Dunstanville                    Ralph Basset md Millicent of Chaucombe
                                  Ralph Basset md Margaret de Somery          Gilbert Basset md Egelina de Courtenay,                Simon Basset 
    __________________________________|_____                                         |                                                   |
    |                                      |                                         |                                                   | 
John Basset                       Ralph Basset md Hawise de Grey               Eustacia de Basset md Richard de Camville             Ralph Basset md Elizabeth Coleville
    |           _____________________|_________                                               |                                                   |     
    |           |                              |                             Idonea de Camville md William II, Longspee            Simon Basset md Isabel Boteler                              
John Basset   Ralph de Basset md Joan de Grey Margret Basset md Edmund de Stafford              |                                                   |           
md Joan Brailsford |                           |                                 Ella Longspee and James de Audley                   Ralph Basset md Sibyl Astley       
    |              |                           |                                Hugh de Audley and Isolde de Mortimer                Alice Basset md Robert Moton 
    |              |                           |                                Hugh de Audley md Margaret de Clare                 (Sir) William Moton and Agnes    
    |         Ralph Basset             Ralph de Stafford  -------- md ------     Margaret de Audley                                 (Sir) Roger Moton of Peckleton 
    |         md Alice Audley              |________________________________________|                                                              |         
Thomas Basset           |                          |                                                                               Maud Moton and John Gregory 
md Margaret Meringe Isabella Basset  Hugh Stafford md Philippa de Beauchamp                                                                        |                                           
    |             md Thomas Shirley       |                                                                                                  Nicholas Gregory 
    |               |                     |                                                                                                        |
    |             Hugh Shirley    Edmund de Stafford md Anne of Gloucester                                                          Adam Gregory and Ada Ormeston
    |          md Beatrix de Braose        |                                                                                                        |
    |           |                          |                                                                                                       |
Joan Basset-md-Ralph Shirley  Humphrey Stafford md Anne Neville.                                                                   William Gregory and Dorothy Parre
                |                          |                                                                                                       |
                |                          |                                                                                                       |
              Beatrice Shirley     Margaret Stafford md Robert Dunham                                                                     Hugo Gregory and Maria 
              md John Brome               |                                                                                                       |
                |                         |                                                                                                       |                 
              Isabell Brome        John Dunham  md Elizabeth Bowett                                                                      Thomas Gregory md Dorothy Beeston
              md Robert John Denton       |                                                                                                       |   
                |                         |                                                                                                       |
              Alice Denton        John Dunham II                                                                                                John Gregory md Alice Alton
              md Nicholas Purefoy md Jean Thorland                 ?                                                                              |
                                          |                        |                                                                              |
              Edward Purefoy      John Dunham III        William Bassett md Cecily Light                                                      Henry Gregory md Mary (Goody?) 
              md Alice Fettiplace md Benedict Folgamsee          |                                                                                |
                                         |               William Bassett md Elizabeth Tilden                                                      |
              Mary Purefoy        Ralph Dunham             _________|__________                                                                John Gregory md Sarah St John 
              md Thomas Thorne    md Elizabeth Wentworth   |                   |                                                                  |
                                          |           William Bassett Nathaniel Bassett                                                           |
              Susanna Thorne      Thomas Dunham     md Mary Rainsford  and Dorcas Joyce                                                        Phoebe Gregory md John Benedict
              md Roger Dudley     md Jane Bromley            |                 |                                                                   |
                                           |             William Bassett   Samuel Bassett                                                          |
              Thomas Dudley       John Dunham Sr.     md Rachel Williston    md Elizabeth Jones                                                James Benedict and Sarah Hyatt                   
              md Dorothy Yorke    md Susanna Kenney/Keno       |               |                                                                   |                              
                                          |                    |          Elizabeth Bassett                                                        |    
              Samuel Dudley       John Dunham Jr.              |          md George Vaughan                                                  (Elder) James Benedict md Mary Blackman                  
              md Elizabeth Smith  md Mary                      |                 |                                                                 |   
                                          |                    |         Elizabeth Vaughan                                                         |                       
              Dorothy Dudley      Mary Dunham                  |         md William Cahoone                                                   Jemima Benedict md John Newberry            
              md Moses Leavitt    md James Hamblin             |                 |                                                                  |
                                          |                    |          William Cahoon                                                            |
              Joseph Leavitt     Elkenah Hamblin               |          md Mary Smith                                                       James Abraham Newberry md Mary Smith        
              md Mary Wadleigh    md Abigail Hamblin           |               |                                                                    |
                                          |          William Bassett    David Elliott                                                               |                     
              Nathaniel Leavitt  Sylvanus Hamblin  md Abigail Bourne    md Mary Cahoon                                                        Hannah Maria Newberry md George Morris          
              md Lydia Sanborn    md Dorcas Fish        |                     |                                                                     |        
                  |                               Jonathan Bassett      Peter Mack Elliott md Charlotte Alvord                                      |        
              Jeremiah Leavitt    Barnabus Hamblin    md Mary Freeman                            |                                                  |  
              md Sarah Shannon    md Mary Bassett ------|                                  Harriett Louisa Elliott ------- md -------       James Newberry Morris
                   |                      |                                                        |
              Jeremiah Leavitt   Isaiah Hamblin                                                    |
              md Sarah Sturdevant  md Daphne Haynes                                                |
                   |                      |                                                        |
              Sarah Priscilla Leavitt & Jacob Vernon Hamblin                                Eli Ray Morris md Tina Matilda Kunzler                                 
                                  Ella Ann Hamblin md Warren Moroni Tenney                  LeGrand Elliott Morris  md Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
                                  Clive Vernon Tenney  md Minnie Williams                          |
                                  Mildred Ella Tenney md Glenn Russell Handy                       | 
                                     Deborah Lee Handy     ------       md      ------      Rodney Allen Morris