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Norman de Basset

Norman de Basset. (Normon of Basset). [Our Basset Ancestors].
Born about 915 AD, of Ouilly Basset, Normandy, France.

Pont-d'Ouilly is a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region in northwestern France, lying on the river Orne. The commune of Pont-d'Ouilly was created in 1947, from the merger of the two former communes of Saint-Marc-d'Ouilly and Ouilly-le-Basset. Official website: http://www.pont-douilly.com/. (S2).


CHILDREN of Norman de Basset:
  1. Osmond de Centville. [Our Basset Ancestors]. Born about 960 AD. of Ouilly Basset, Normandy, France.