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Ralph Basset and Elizabeth Coleville

Ralph BASSET. Lord of the Manor in Cheadle. [Our Basset Ancestors], [Familytree].
Born about 1266 at (Sapcote-S3,S5)(Hinckley-S4), Leicestershire, England; son of Simon BASSET.

He married Elizabeth COLEVILLE.

He is said to have married (2) Margaret, widow of Urian de Saint Pierre, after 22 June 1295 and before 21 July 1295. As reported in Complete Peerage 2 (1912): 7 (sub Basset):
He [Ralph] married, 2ndly, shortly before 21 June 1295, Margaret, widow of Urian de Saint Pierre, of Peckforton, Horsley, &c., co. Chester. (S6).

The are two Common Pleas lawsuits involving Ralph Basset and his 2nd wife, Margaret. (S6).
In Michaelmas term 1296 Roger Alles, of Roucester, and Richard de Lynepol, executors of the will of Urian de Saint Pierre, and Ralph Basset and his wife, Margaret, co-executrix with the said Roger and Richard, sued Allen of Chester, Henry de Rolliston, Richard de Kynggisleye, and others in the Court of Common Pleas regarding a debt of 285 6s. 8d. [Reference: Court of Common Pleas, CP40/115, image 39f.
In the same term Joan, widow of Gilbert Haunsard, sued Ralph Basset, of Sapcote, and Margaret his wife in the Court of Common Pleas regarding the third part of one messuage and lands in Walton, Derbyshire, which she claimed in dower [Reference: Court of Common Pleas, CP40/115, image 52f. (S6).

It is further said: Thus, we see that Margaret, 2nd wife of Ralph Basset, was living at Michaelmas term 1296. It would appear, however, that Margaret did not long survive this date. (S6).

It is also said that Ralph Basset, of Sapcote, married (3rd) Elizabeth _____. Evidence for this additional marriage for Ralph Basset comes from a Common Pleas lawsuit dated Hilary term 1301, whereby Ralph Basset, of Sapcote, and his wife, Elizabeth, sued the Abbot of Holm Cultram in a Cumberland plea regarding a debt of 60 [Reference: Court of Common Pleas, CP40/136, image 7f. (S6).

He died (in 1322-S5)(in 1326-S3)(in 1328-S4) at (Cheadle, Stafford-S3)(Hinckley, Leicestershire-S4), England. (S3).

The Complete Peerage says only that he is said to have died 1322. But an account of the Basset family in Genealogist n.s. 3 (1886): 259-260 states that he died in 1326. Neither authority gives a source for these dates. (S6).

Elizabeth COLEVILLE. [Familytree].
Born (about 1275-S5)(about 1280-S4)(before about 1287-S2), (of Bytham Castle, Leicestershire-S2)(in Bourne, Lincolnshire-S4), England; daughter of Roger de Coleville and Margaret de Braose.

She died about 21 July 1295. (S5).



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