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Ralph de Basset and Joan de Grey

Ralph de Basset. Earl of Drayton. Second Baron Basset of Drayton. [Our Basset Ancestors], [Familytree].
Born (about 1279)(after 1279-S4) in Staffordshire, England; son of Ralph Basset and Hawise de Grey. (S1,S2).

He fought in both the Anglo-French War and in the First War of Scottish Independence. (S2).

Ralph succeeded his father on his death on 31 December 1299. (S2).

He married Joan de GREY on (17-S1)(27-S4) March 1303-1304. (S1) at Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, England. (S4).
They obtained a marriage license on 27 March 1304 to wed. (S2).

He was knighted on 22 May 1306. (S2).

He distinguishing himself in France. While in Gascony he participated in the War of Saint-Sardos. (S2). The War of Saint-Sardos was a short war fought between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France in 1324. The war was a clear defeat for the English, and led indirectly to the overthrowing of Edward II of England. The war can also be seen as one of the precursors of the Hundred Years' War. Ralph Basset was recalled back to England in March 1324 (S3).

Ralph was appointed to the office of Seneschal of Gascony between 13231324 and also held the office of Steward of the Duchy of Aquitaine. (S2).

He held the office of Constable of Dover Castle between March and September 1326, as well as the office of Warden of the Cinque Ports during the same time. (S2).

Ralph was created a Knight Banneret in 1341. (S2).

He died (25 February 1341-1342-S4)(in 1343-S2)(on 28 October 1343-S1) in Drakelow, Staffordshire, England. (S4).

Joan de Grey. (de la Pole-S?). [Familytree].
Born (4)about 1283-S(in 1283-S1) in Wilton Castle, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England (S4); daughter of John de Grey of Wilton and Matilda de Verdun. (S2,S4).

She died before 5 April 1353 in Staffordshire, England. (S4).

CHILDREN of Ralph de Basset and Joan de Grey:
  1. Ralph Basset. [Familytree]. Born about 1305. He married (1) Joan Beauchamp. (S4). He married (2) Alice Audley. (S1,S2,S4). He died in 1335. (S2).
  2. Margaret Basset. She married John de Bohun, Fifth Earl of Hereford.