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Richard Basset and Matilda de Ridel

Richard BASSET. Justiciar of England (S1). [Familytree].
Born (about 1090-S1)(about 1091-S16)(about 1102-S6,S10,S15) (in Wallingford, Berkshire-S1)(in Drayton Basset, Staffordshire-S10)(Nottinghamshire-S16), England; son of Ralph BASSET and Alice de BUCI.

Richard Basset I, succeeded his father as Justiciar (Chief Justice) of England, which high office he filled in the latter part of King Henry I.'s reign, and through the whole of King Stephen's. In the 5th year of the latter monarch, he was sheriff of Surrey, Cambridge, and Huntingdonshire, with Aleric de Vere; and he served the same office for Essex, Hertford, Buckingham, Bedford, Norfolk, Suffolk, Northampton, and Leicestershire. {S2,S4}.

He married Matilda de RIDEL (abt 1112-S1)(about 1124-S15)(about 1126-S6,S10) (in Newbold, Nottinghamshire, England-S10).

Richard Basset lived at Drayton, Staffordshire, England.

He and his wife founded the Laud Abbey in Leicestershire. {S7}.

He died (before 1146-S1)(in 1144-S3,S10,S15)(between 16 September 1144 and 29 May 1147-S5).
He was certainly dead by 1146 or 1147, when Geoffrey Ridel secured confirmation of his father’s estates in England and Normandy from the Empress. {S12}.

Matilda de RIDEL. (Maud-S1,S13)(Matilda-S6,S8,S10,S14,S15). [Familytree].
Born (abt 1096-S1)(about 1097-S15)(in 1097 in Witering, Northamptonshire, England-S8,S10); only daughter and heiress of (Sir) Geoffrey (Galfridus) de Ridel, Lord of Witheringe, and Geva d'Avranches. [Geva is the (illegitimate-S7) daughter of Hugh Lupus d'Avranches and Ermentrude de Clermont].

Maud married Richard Basset (abt 1112)(in 1126 in Newbold, Nottinghamshire, England-S8).

She died in 1139 {S8,S10}.

CHILDREN of Richard BASSET and Matilda de RIDEL:
  1. Geoffrey (Galfridus-S8) (Basset) de Ridel. Lord Weldon. Born (in 1125-S15)(abt 1128-S1) at Gt. Weldon, Kettering, Northampton, England. of Great Weldon, Northamptonshire, England. (S1). He succeeded his father. From his mother, he assumed the surname of "de Ridel." He was living in 1144. He married twice. Empress Matilda granted property held by "pater eius Ricardus Basset…[et] Galfridi Ridel avi sui" to "Galfrido Ridel filio Ricardi Basset" by charter dated to [1144/46], witnessed by "…Walchelino Maminot [et] Rogero filio". He died in 1180. (S1,S17).
  2. Ralph BASSET. [Familytree]. Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire. Born (abt 1125-S1)(about 1131-S10,S15) (in Drayton-S10)(of Drayton-S1), Staffordshire, England. Drayton was a lordship bestowed upon his mother by the Earl of Chester. He married Alice. They were married about 1154 (S10), which would indicate that it was correctly he and not his son who married Alice, as some have said. He died in 1160. (S1,S17).
  3. William BASSET. [Familytree]. Born about 1134. He received Sapcoate. In 1159 he served as under-sheriff to his brother Ralph. In 1163-1164 William served as Sheriff alone. He continued in office until 1170. William served as Sheriff of Warwick and Leicestershire for eight consecutive years in the reign of Henry II., and was afterwards one of the Justices Itinerant of Yorkshire. He served as a justice on eyres (a circuit traveled by an itinerant justice), as well as in the curia regis from 1168 to 1183. In 1177 he was appointed Sheriff of Lincolnshire and continued to hold that office until 1185. He died about 1185. It is said that he married Elizabeth, daughter of Roger de Colville and had a son and heir Simon. [but see Ralph Basset, who is also said to have married Elizabeth de Coleville. Note that A general and heraldic dictionary of the peerages of England, Ireland, and Scotland, p.135, states that Elizabeth married a Basset, but does not give his first name.].
  4. William Basset. of Sapcote, Leicestershire. His parentage is confirmed by the Rotuli de Dominabus of 1185 which records “terra eius in Riscinton” held by “uxor que fuit Roberti de Caux et mater uxoris Radulfi filii Stephani, Cambellani domini regis, filia Ricardi Basset et soror Willelmi Basset…”. "…Willo Basset…" witnessed the charter dated to [1152/67] under which the monks of Leicester abbey authorised the establishment of the church of St Mary the Less, Leicester. Military fee certifications in the Red Book of the Exchequer, in 1166, record that "Willelmus Basset" held two knights’ fees from "comitis Hugonis" in Norfolk. He died in 1185. (S17).
  5. Richard BASSETT. {S8}.
  6. Jordan Ridel BASSETT. {S8}.
  7. Phillip BASSETT. {S8}.
  8. Sibel BASSETT. (Sibel-S8)(Sibyl-S17). Basset ([before 1135]-after 1185). Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the Rotuli de Dominabus of 1185 which records “terra eius in Riscinton” held by “uxor que fuit Roberti de Caux et mater uxoris Radulfi filii Stephani, Cambellani domini regis, filia Ricardi Basset et soror Willelmi Basset…L annorum et amplius”, adding that the land was “de baronia Radulfi filii Stephani”. She married ROBERT [II] de Cauz, son of ROBERT [I] de Cauz & his wife Isabel de Ferrers (-1168). (S17).
  9. Matilda Basset . Her parentage and marriage are indicated by the charter date to [1160] under which [her brother] "Gaufridus Ridel" granted various properties in the counties of Leicester, Rutland and Northampton to "Johanni fratri meo", which notes that "ipse Johannes filius Johannis" swore homage to the grantor and gave him a gold ring[192]. William Reedy assumes that "Johanni fratri meo" was the grantor’s brother-in-law John de Stuteville. This appears to be confimed as correct by the undated charter under which "Gaufridus Ridel" confirmed that "Johanni de Stutevilla" did homage to him by on the same day, witnessed by "…Radulfus Basset, Ricardus Basset, W. Basset…R. de Stutevill, Nicolaus de Stutevill…". "Gaufridus Ridel" confirmed a grant of property to "Johanni de Stutuilla" in his fee by charter dated to [1160], witnessed by "…R. filius Nicolai de Stutavilla, Thomas frater suus…". m JOHN de Stuteville, son of JOHN de Stuteville [d’Estouteville] & his wife Agnes --- (-after [1160]). (S17).



Richard Basset and Matilda de Ridel
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