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Simon Basset and Elizabeth Avenal

Simon BASSET. [Our Basset Ancestors], [Familytree].
Born (about 1160-S6)(about 1163-S4)(about 1165-S2,S5,S9)(1183-S10) at Sapcote/Hinckley, Leicestershire, England; son of William BASSET. (S1,S2,S4,S5,S6,S9,S10).

NOTE on parents:
Simon Basset is listed as the son of William Basset, Sheriff of Sapcote. (see S1). This source then claims that William was the son of Ralph Basset and Alice de Buci. (see also S9).
Other sources claim that William, Sheriff of Sapcote, was the son of Richard Basset and Matilda Ridel. (S7). This brings into question of who was William, and was he really the father of Simon Basset.

Simon Basset who married in the 6th of Richard I one of the daughters and co- heiresses of William Avenel of Haddon in the county of Derby. (S10).
He married ISABEL Avenell, daughter of WILLIAM Avenell & his wife. (S11). Other sources give her name as Elizabeth.

The 1176-1677 Pipe Roll names "Simonis Basset" in Warwickshire and Leicestershire. "Symon Basset" granted land in Scalford, Leicestershire to "Roberto filio Reginaldi de Acle cum filia mea Matilda in liberali maritagio", with the consent of Johannis filii mei, by charter dated to the late 12th century, witnessed by "…Willelmo et Reginaldo fratre eius Basset…".(S11).

Simon married Isabel Avenell.1 (Isabel Avenell died before 10 Apr 1226 1.) He died (before 1231-S6)(unknown-S10)(in 1205-S11).

Elizabeth AVENAL. (Isabel-S11)(Ysabele-S12).
Born (about 1165-S2,S4)(about 1166-S3,S9) (at Sapcote/Hinckley, Leicestershire-S2)(of Hadden, Derbyshire-S3,S4), England; daughter of William AVENAL (III) of Haddon. (S1,S2,S4,S11).
Daughter of William Avenal and Helewise de Wadard. (S9).

She is also said to be the daughter of Ralph Avenal and Maud de Reviers. (S3).

She was one of the co-heiresses of Haddon. (S8). this should help in determining her correct parents.
Source Par Joseph Nash,M. C. Anderson:
"... Haddon next was held of the crown by tenure of knight's service by one Avenall, who now became tenant-in-chief. Little is known concerning the family of this far-off lord of "Haduna." It seems, however, that the last of the Avenalls left two daughters, co-heiresses-one, Elizabeth, who married Simon Bassett, her sister Avicia, about 1195, marrying Richard Vernon. Richard was son of Warine de Vernon, and younger brother of Ralph de Vernon, successively barons of Shipbrook. This Richard de Vernon lived at Haddon, and became ancestor of that race of nobles who held Haddon by direct descent from this time (with an unexplained interregnum, extending from 1265 to 1278, when the property was held under the crown by Gilbert le Franceys) till the year 1567. ..." (S12).
Also: Source Par Samuel Lysons:
"... Adstock, in the hundred and deanery of Buckingham, lies nearly three miles to the north-west of Window, on the north side of the road leading from Aylesbury to Buckingham. The manor of Adstock was given by the Conqueror to his illegitimate son, William Peverell ; and on the attainder of William Peverell the younger, was granted by King Henry II to William Avenell, from whose family it passed by marriage to the Vernons and Bassets. ..." (S12).

"Elisabeth q fuit uxor Sim Basset" paid a fine for "hereditate sua…dissaisita…post mortem predicti Simoni viri sui" in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, dated 1205. The Testa de Nevill lists knights who held land in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, dated to [1208/10]: "Elizabet que fuit uxor Simonis Basset" held "feodum dimidii militis…de honore de Notingham". "William Basset, son and heir of Elizabeth Avenel" was granted "full seisin of [her] land held of the king in the honour of Peverel in the county of Buckinghamshire", dated 10 Apr 1226. (S11,S12).

She died before 10 April 1226. (S11,S12).

CHILDREN of Simon BASSET and Elizabeth AVENAL:
  1. Ralph Basset. Familytree. Born about 1190. (S2). He married Marion Darley.
  2. Mabel Basset. (S3,S5).
  3. Simon Basset. (S3,S5).
  4. John Basset. (S3,S5).
  5. Simon & his wife had four children: William, John, Reynold and Matilda. (S11).
  6. William Basset. "William Basset, son and heir of Elizabeth Avenel" was granted "full seisin of [her] land held of the king in the honour of Peverel in the county of Buckinghamshire", dated 10 Apr 1226. (S11,S12).


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