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Thomas Basset and Alice de Dunstanville

(Judge) Thomas Basset. Lord of Drayton. [Our Basset Ancestors], [Familytree].
Born (in 1125-S2,S3)(about 1130), of Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England; son of Gilbert Basset and Edith de Quilly. (S1,S3,S4).

He married Alice de Dunstanville about 1154 in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England. (S3,S4,S5).

He received a grant of the lordship of Hedendon, Oxfordshire, for services in war, and served as sheriff of Oxfordshire in 1163 to 1164. (S1).

In 1167-1168 he was an itinerant justice for Essex and Hertfordshire. In 1169 he appears at the Exchequer. (S1).

In 1175 he was again an itinerant justice (Rog. Hov. ii. 90) and was in close attendance on the court, as he continued to be until 1181, and was specially named as a justice itinerant on one of the new circuits on 10 April 1179. (S1).

He is last mentioned in August 1181, and at the close of 1182 he had been succeeded b y his son Gilbert. (S1).

He died (about 1181)(about 1182-S1)(in 1182-S3) at Wallingford, South Oxfordshire District, Oxfordshire, England; and was buried in Saint Peter's Churchyard in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England. (S3).

Alice de Dunstanville. (Adelize). [Familytree].
Born in (1134)(1138) at Castle Combe, Wiltshire, England; daughter of Alan de Dunstanville and Adeliza Warren. (S4,S5).

She died (in 1210-S4)(in or after 1210-S5) at Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England; and was buried in Saint Peter's Churchyard in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England. (S4,S5).

CHILDREN of Thomas Basset and Alice de Dunstanville:
  1. Gilbert Basset . [Familytree]. Born in 1154-1155 in Oxfordshire, England. He married Egelina de Courtenay.
  2. Thomas Basset. (S5).
  3. Alan Basset. (S5,s6). of Headington, Oxfordshire. In like favour with Richard I and with John, he received from the former the lordships of Woking and Mapledurwell, and from the latter those of Wycombe and Berewick. With his brothers Gilbert and Thomas he accompanied John to Northampton, when the king of Scots did his homage (22 November 1200), which he tested, and continued throughout John's reign in close attendance on the court, accompanying the king to Ireland in 1210 and to Runnymede (15 June 1215), his name, with that of his brother Thomas, appearing in Magna Carta among those of the king's counsellors. At the accession of Henry III he was one of the witnesses to his re-issue of the charter (11 November 1216), and on the royalist reaction his loyalty was rewarded by his being occasionally employed in the Curia Regis and sent to France on a political mission in 1219–20. He also acted as sheriff of Rutland from 1217 to 1229. Dying in 1232-3 he left three sons: Gilbert, his heir; Fulk, afterwards bishop of London; and Philip, afterwards Justiciar of England. He died in 1232 or 1233. (S6).


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