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William BASSET, Sheriff of Sapcote

William BASSET. Sheriff of Sapcote. [Our Basset Ancestors], [Familytree].

There is some confusion on the family relationship of William Basset.
It is claimed that William was the son of Ralph Basset and (Alice?) (S1), but the dating makes this improbable.
Other sources claim that William, Sheriff of Sapcote, was the son of Richard Basset and Matilda de Ridel. (S2,S3,S4,S5,S7,S8).

William, as the son of Richard Basset and Matilda Ridel:
William BASSET. Born (about 1134-S4,S7)(in 1134-S5), in Colston, Nottinghamshire, England. (S4).

He received Sapcoate. (S4).

William, the youngest of the three grandsons of Henry I.'s Justiciary, and the ancestor of the Bassets of Sapcote, served as Sheriff of Warwick and Leicestershire for eight consecutive years in the reign of Henry II, and was afterwards one of the Justices Itinerant of Yorkshire. (S6).

In 1159 he served as under-sheriff to his brother Ralph. In 1163-1164 William served as Sheriff alone. He continued in office until 1170. William served as Sheriff of Warwick and Leicestershire for eight consecutive years in the reign of Henry II, and was afterwards one of the Justices Itinerant of Yorkshire. He served as a justice on eyres (a circuit traveled by an itinerant justice), as well as in the curia regis from 1168 to 1183. In 1177 he was appointed Sheriff of Lincolnshire and continued to hold that office until 1185. (S4,S5).

Basset's legal opinions are cited in the Tractatus de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Anglie, or Glanvill, a treatise on legal procedures in England. (S4).

He gave lands to Launde Priory, which had been founded by his parents. (S4).

Basset held lands at Sapcote, in Leicestershire, besides other lands in Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire. Besides his judicial functions, he also served in the Exchequer, with his last appearance there being on 31 May 1185. (S4).

He is therefore said to have died in 1185, or shortly thereafter. (S3,S5,S7).

  1. Simon BASSET. [Familytree]. Born (about 1160-S7)(about 1165)(in 1183-S5) in Sapcote.(S7). He married Elizabeth AVENAL. (S8). He died before 1231. (S7).
  2. Ralph Bassett (I), of Cheadle. [Familytree]. Born (about 1169-S7)(about 1185-S4,S5). He died after 1253. (S4,S5).


William Basset, Sheriff of Sapcote
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Simon Basset and Elizabeth Avenal                     Ralph Basset (I), of Cheadle, Staffordshire
Ralph Basset and Millicent of Chaucombe               Ralph Basset (II), of Cheadle, Staffordshire
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