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William Bassett and Cecily Light

William Bassett. (Basset). [PC T3-9].
Born possibly about 1575, of Sandwich, Kent, England.

William Bassett married (1) Cecily Light.

At some point Bassett became a Leiden Separatist and was recorded there as a master mason (hodman) from Sandwich, Kent. (S2).

William Basset became engaged in Leiden, Holland to Mary Butler of Norwich, Norfolk, England, but she died on 19 March1611 before the publication of the third banns. William Brewster, Roger Wilson, Anna Fuller, and Rose Lisle were to be witnesses, but Mary died before the marriage. (S2). St. Peter’s Church in Leyden show that Mary Butler was buried on 9 April 1611. (S4).

Besset, Willem (Willem Basset of the Fortune of Sandwich, England, Hodman, widr. (widower) of Sisle Lecht (Cecily Light), ace. (accompanied) [witnessed], by Rogier Wilson (Roger Wilson) and Willem Bruystaert (William Brewster of the Mayflower) his acq. (friends) betr. (betrothed) 19 March 1611 to Mayeken Botler (Mary Butler) of Norwich in England, ace. (accompanied) [witnessed] by Anna Foller (Ann Fuller of the Mayflower) and Roos Leyt (Rose Jennings nee Lisle) her acq. (acquaintenances). (S4).

William Basset became engaged on 26 July 1611 to Margaret Oldham of England. They were married 12 August 1611 in Leiden. (S2,S3). Edward Southworth, Roger Wilson, Elizabeth Neal, and Wybra Pontus were witnesses. (S2).

Basset, Willem (Willem Basset of the Fortune) widr (widower) of Sisle Lecht (Cicily Light) ace. (accompanied)[witnessed] by Rogier Wiltson (Roger Wilson) and Eduwaert Sodert (Edward Southworth) his acq. (friends) betr. (betrothed) 26 July 1611, mar. (married) 12 Aug. 1611 to Margriete Oldum (Margaret Oldham) of England, ace. (accompanied)[witnessed] by Wybram Pantes (Wybran Pontus nee Hanson) and Elysabeth Neel (Elisabeth Buckram nee Neal) her acq. (friends). (S5).

So he is said to have arrived in New England on the Ship Fortune in November 1621; however, this seems to be confusion with his son William. In this regard, it is not certain that he emmigrated to New England, but possibly died in Leiden before the pilgrims sailed in 1621.

While some historians have identified him as the same man who emigrated to Plymouth Colony, others believe that the man in Plymouth was too young to have been a widower by 1611. (S6).

WIFE (1):
Cecily Light. (Sisle Lecht-S5).
Cecily died apparently before 1611, when William Bassett is recorded as having moved to Leiden and is listed as a widower. (S2).

CHILDREN of William Bassett and Cecily Light:
  1. William BASSETT. Christened on 24 October 1600 in Stepney, Middlesex, England. He married (1) Elizabeth (Tilden?). The text (S1) states "His wife was named Elizabeth and it is stated by Judge Mitchell that she was probably a Tilden." William Bassett arrived in Plymouth in early July 1621 aboard the Fortune (S1), Thomas Barton, master. He was a Leiden Separatist. In the 1623 Division of Land in Plymouth, William Bassite drew 2 acres that “lye beyond the first brook to the wood westward.” He later moved to Duxbury, and then to Bridgewater of which town he was an original proprietor. (S1). He married (2) Mary (Tilden) Lapham after 5 June 1651 and before 12 December 1664. In his will dated 3 April 1667, William Bassett mentioned his unnamed wife, his son Joseph, and his son William’s son William. He died in Bridgewater, sometime between the date of his will and the date his will was sworn, 5 June 1667.

WIFE (2):
Margaret Oldham.

Margaret married William Bassett on 12 August 1611 in Leiden, Holland. (S3).

CHILDREN of William Bassett and Margaret Oldham:
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