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William Bassett and Mary Rainsford

William BASSETT. (Basset). [PC T3-9], [Familytree].
Born in 1624 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; son of William BASSETT and Elizabeth TILDEN.

In August 1643 Wm Bassett Jun, in Duxboro, age 19, was listed as a male able to beare Arms. He was one of 80 in the Duxboro list.

William settled in Sandwich in 1644. He and James Skiff came from Duxbury. William was a trader and licensed to draw wines.

On 24 February 1652 William Bassett was one of the jurors appointed to lay out a road from Sandwich to Plymouth.

William married Mary Rainsford (Raynsford) about 1652 in Boston, Massachusetts.

On 2 March 1657-1658 the Plymouth Colony Court authorized William Bassett, the cunstable of Sandwich, to confiscate the property of delinquent taxpayers.

About 1661 William Bassett was superseded by Marshall Barlow as constable of Sandwich. William was fined £10/- for spreading false reports of the marshal. George Barlow had been assessing fines and penalties upon theQuakers.

On 2 June 1662 Willam Bassett’s name appeared on a list of 32 who were granted land as being the first borne children of the goument.

In 1665 William Bassett & Richard Bourne were appointed to view and purchase some lands desired by Edmund Freeman & Thomas Butler, lying towards Saconeesett.

On 5 June 1667 Tres of adminnestration were graunted unto William Bassett, Junir, to adminnester on the estate of William Bassett Senir, deceased.

Wm Bassett held right #19 to undivided lands in the town of Bridgewater in 1668. This right very likely represented a former holding of his father. The land was not actually distributed until 5 February 1682-1683. Before then William sold the right and it was then held by Isaac Harris.

On 2 June 1669 William confirmed land to his youngest brother, Joseph Basset of Bridgewater.

On 28 October 1669 William Bassett signed a bond along with Syseliah Fish and Stephen Skiffe.

William died on 10 June 1670 at Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Mary Bassett, widow of William, was appointed administrator of his estate on 11 August 1670. On 9 August the inventory had been determined by Mrs. Mary Bassett to amount to £184/10/-.

Mary RAINSFORD. (Raynsford-S5) [Familytree].
Mary was born 1 June 1632 in Boston, Massachusetts; daughter of Edward RAINSFORD and Mary (Burt?). Mary was christened on 17 June 1632.

She died on 12 April 1694 in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

  1. Mary Bassett. Born 21 November 1654 at Sandwich, married John REDDING on 22 October 1676 at Chilmark, Massachusetts, died there. On 8 Mar. 1670/1 Mary Bassett, Junir, made choise of Major Winslow to be her guardian, which was approved by the Court. John was born ca. 1654, died 1716. (S4).
  2. William BASSETT.. [PC T3-9], [Familytree]. (Colonel) William Bassett was born about 1656. In 1667 William inherited the house and land of his grandfather William Bassett, Sr., in Bridgewater. On 8 March 1670-1671 Willam Basssett, Junior, made choise of Mr Hinckley to be his guardian, which was approved by the Court. In the June Court 1673 Willam Bassett was fined 00:05:00 for breach of peace, in striking 2 lads. He married RACHEL WILLISON of Taunton on 9 October 1675 in Sandwich. Capt. Wm Bassett was in Benjamin Church’s small army which participated in Plymouth’s 1689 expedition to Maine in the French & Indian War. The colony later awarded Bassett £3 for his efforts. On 25 December 1689: That Capt. Bassitt have 30s pr weeke as capt, and 5shill pr weeke for his assistance to the commissary. William was Chief Marshall of Plymouth Colony 1689-1692, representative from Sandwich of many years, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and Register of Probate. William died on 29 September 1721 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  3. THOMAS BASSETT, born ca. 1659, resided in Falmouth in 1703.
  4. SARAH BASSETT, born ca. 1662 in Sandwich, married THOMAS LEWIS (II), died probably in Middletown, Conn.
  5. RICHARD BASSETT, born ca. 1665, resided in Falmouth.
  6. NATHAN BASSETT, born May-Nov. 1667, married MARY HUCKINS ca. 1690, died 1736. Mary was born 3 Apr. 1673 and died 8 Nov. 1743. She was a daughter of John & Hope (Chipman) Huckins of Barnstable. Nathan & Mary resided in Sandwich and Falmouth. They removed to Chatham about 1694. Nathan was a blacksmith. In all deeds he was called “gentleman.” In 1724 he donated a site on Abel’s Hill for the Chatham church. His will of 31 Jan. 1739/40 was proven 29 Jan. 1743. The inventory of his estate was valued at £256/18/8. Mary’s will was also written 31 Jan. 1739/40. It was proved 29 Nov. 1743.


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