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Guy de Beauchamp and Alice de Toni

Guy de BEAUCHAMP. Second Earl of Warwick. One of the principal opponents of Edward II's favourite Piers Gaveston.
Born in 1278; he was the son of William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick and Maud FitzJohn (FitzGeoffrey). He succeeded his father as earl in 1298. Later that year he distinguished himself at the Battle of Falkirk, and he subsequently served in other campaigns in Scotland. He also received grants of land in Scotland.

He married Alice de TONI, a Scottish heiress, in 1309-1310.

Warwick had no great liking for Piers Gaveston, who had called Warwick "the black cur of Arden" (an allusion to Warwick's dark complexion and to the Forest of Arden in Warwickshire). Not long after Edward II's accession, he helped arrange for Gaveston's banishment, and refused to be reconciled with Gaveston when Gaveston returned the next year.

Warwick was one of the great peers who petitioned the king for reform of the government in 1310. The peers were successful in getting Gaveston banished again, and when he returned to England in 1312, Warwick was one of the 5 nobles who arrested him. Gaveston was placed in the custody of the Earl of Pembroke, but then on June 10 Warwick, with a force of 140 men, seized him and carried him off to Warwick castle. After the arrival of the confederate nobles, Gaveston was executed, though Warwick declined to be present.

Warwick, along with his allies, was eventually pardoned for the Gaveston affair in 1313. He and the others, nevertheless, refused to serve in the king's Scottish campaign of 1314. The next year Warwick suddenly fell ill and died, on 10 (12-S1) August 1315 at Warwick Castle; and was buried at Bordesley Abby, Worcester, England. As was inevitable in such cases, there were rumours of poison.

Alice de TONI.
Born at Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England; daughter of Ralph VII de TONI and Mary.
She married (1) Walter de BEAUCHAMP. He died in 1303.
She married (2) Guy de BEAUCHAMP.

CHILDREN of Guy de BEAUCHAMP and Alice de TONI:
  1. Thomas de BEAUCHAMP. Born 14 February (1313-S1)(1314) of Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, England. He married Katherine de MORTIMER (in 1337-S1)(about 1334). He died of the plague on 13 NOV 1369 at Calais, Pas-de-Calais, France; and was buried at Warwick.
  2. John de BEAUCHAMP.

Walter de BEAUCHAMP. Steward of the house of King Edward I.
Son of William de BEAUCHAMP and Isabel MAUDUIT.

Walter De Beauchamp married Alice de Toni and purchased from Reginald Fitzherbert a moiety of the manor of Alcester, co. Warwick, and made it one of his principal seats, calling it Beauchamp Court. The other manor was at Powyke, co. Worcester. Walter was a very eminent person at the period in which he lived and signed with the cross for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He had a legacy of 200 marks bequeathed to him by his father for his better performance of that voyage. He was steward of the household to King Edward I and attended that monarch to Flanders and into Scotland where he fought at the Battle of Falkirk on 22 July 1298.

He was one of the lords in the parliament of Lincoln, being then styled "Dominusde Alcester" who signified to the pope, under their seals, the superiority of King Edward over the kingdom of Scotland . His successor was Walter,his son. His second son, William, was a military man of celebrity, who succeeded to part of the estates of his elder brother. His third son, Giles, inherited the lordship of Alcester by the settlement of his eldest brother.

He died in 1303.

CHILDREN of Walter de BEAUCHAMP and Alice de TONI:


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