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William de Beauchamp and Maud de Braose

William de Beauchamp.
Born about 1105 in Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England; son of (Sir) Walter de BEAUCHAMP Knight and Emeline D' ARBITOT. (S1).

William married Maud de BRAOSE (before 1130-S1)(in 1151-S2), while living in Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales. (S2).

William de Beauchamp (d.1170) of Salwarpe and Elmley allegedly married Bertha dau. of William de Braose (d.1211). The latter's great grandson, William de Braose (d.1230) of Abergavenny had a dau. & coheir Maud (d.1301) who married Roger de Mortimer (d.1282) of Wigmore. Saunders gives no marriage of a Bertha de Braose (or of a Maud de B) to William de Beauchamp. Turton does give the marriage of Bertha and William based on information from the first edition (1910) of Cokayne's *Complete Peerage*. As far as I can tell the second edition omits any reference to the early Beauchamps. B Burke's *Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire* (London, 1883) p.29 has William Beachamp marrying a Maud de Braose. Since (1) Burke is to be treated with extreme caution, (2)it seems that the editors of the second edition of *The Complete Peerage* deleted material on the early Beauchamps and (3) Saunders notes marriages between the baronial families dealt with but omits this marriage, the upshot would seem to be that there is no hard evidence of a Braose marriage to William Beauchamp (d.1170). (S2).

He died (about 1170-S1)(in 1269-S2) in Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England.

Maud de Braose.
Maud was born (BOUT 1109-s2)(about 1111-S1) in Bramber, Sussex, England; daughter of Philip de BRAOSE Baron De Braose and Aenor DE TOTNES Heiress of Barnstaple. (S1).

She died before (after 1151-S2)(20 March -S1)in Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England. (S1).

CHILDREN of William de Beauchamp and Maud de Braose
  1. William (II) de Beauchamp. Born about 1130. (S2). He married (Joan de St Valery-S1)(Joane Waleries-S2). He lived in Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England. (S2). He died in 1211-1212. (S2).


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