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George Benedict and Tomazine Gooche

George BENEDICT. (In England the name was often spelled Benedicke).
Born 1542-1545 at Saxlingham Nethergate, Norfolk, England; son of George BENEDICT and Jane HOLES.

He married Tomazine GOOCHE 7 August 1575 at Tasburgh, Norfolk, England. He was a husbandman.
He died about 1583, as his will was proved 16 Sep 1583-84 at Saxlingham Nethergate, Norfolk, England. In his will he names daughters Jane, Joan and Judith as all unmarried and under 21. In his will he also names his son William.

Tomazine (Thomasine) GOOCHE. (Goche).
Born ab out 1545 in England. She married George BENEDICT on 7 AUG 1575 at Tasburgh (Tasborough), Norfolk, England. In William Benedict's (Son of George and Jane) will, 1 Sep 1614, she was called "my brother George's nowe wife", so she died after 1 SEP 1614.

CHILDREN of George BENEDICT and Tomazine GOOCHE:


George Benedict and Tomazine Goche
William Benedict and Elizabeth
Thomas Benedict and Mary Bridgum
John Benedict and Phoebe Gregory
James Benedict and Sarah Hyatt
(Elder) James Benedict and Mary Blackman
Jemima Benedict and John Newberry
James Abraham Newberry and Mary Smith
Hannah Maria Newberry and George Morris
James Newberry Morris and Harriett Louisa Elliott 
Tina Matilda Kunzler and Eli Ray Morris 
LeGrand Elliott Morris and Dorothea Berta Ernestina Kersten 
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy