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William BERRY

[F7606]. William BERRY (Berrey-S6). [PC T4-14].
Born (in 1610-S7)(1619-S7) in (New Castel, Lancashire-S6)(Norfolk-S7), England; son of Johann BERRY [F15212] and Susanna [F15213].

He was in service to Captain John Mason in 1631, when Mason sent over fifty-eight men and twenty-two women to settle on the Piscataqua River. Among them were William Berry, William Seavey, Francis Rand, and William or Anthony Brackett. (S7). These men were landed on the west side of the mouth of the Piscataqua river in 1631.

He was the first settler at Sandy Beach, which became Rye, New Hampshire. (S7).

William married Jane Locke Hermins in 1635-1636 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

He signed the Glebe Conveyance in 1640. {S7}. In 1640, only seventeen years after the first settling of Portsmouth, Francis Williams, (the governor,) Ambrose Gibbins, William Jones, Renald Fernald, John Crowther, Anthony Bracket, Michael Chatterton, Jno. Wall, Robert Puddington, Matthew Coe, Henry Sherburn, John Lander, Henry Taler, Jno. Jones, William Berry, Jno. Pickering, Jno. Billing, Jno. Wolten, Nicholas Row and William Palmer, the principal inhabitants of Portsmouth, made a deed of fifty acres of land in Portstmouth for a Glebe, or Parsonage. Three fourths of it was the "full tenth part of the fresh marsh lying at the head of Strawberry bank creek," and land adjoining. The other fourth part, or twelve acres, was given in a square lot in that part of Portsmouth between and including the North Church, to the garden of J. K. Pickering on the east, thence by the southern bounds of the Court House lot to the west garden line of John F. Salter, thence north to the garden line east of late Wm. Sheafe's estate, on Congress street, and east on that street to the North church. {S8}.

Berry served as a Selectman of Strawberry Bank (which is now Portsmouth, New Hampshire) in 1646. (S7).

January, 1648-49 at a town meeting held at Strawberry Bank, Granted that Wm Berry shall have a lot upon the neck of land upon the South side of the Little River at Sandy Beach. (S6). This property was included in the area where Locke's Neck is located. S7).

Sandy Bank includes what is now Portsmouth, Rye, Newcastle, Newington and Greenland in New Hampshire.

Maine Pioneers, 1623-60 shows that William Berry of Strawberry Bank, sold house and land to Anthony Ellins 10 July 1648.

He is listed as a Grand Jury man and Constable in 1650.

He died on 28 June 1654 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire; and was buried on 28 June 1654 in Portsmouth.

James Berry, John Berry and Joshua Foss, grandchildren of William Berry, agreed on 13 June 1717, on the division of certain lands which had been granted to William Berry about 60 years before. The record reads: "Wee James Berry son of William Berry of sandy Beach : Deceased : & John Berry & Joshua Foss Grand children of the said Wm Berry Deceasd have Mutually agreed on the Divission of the Neck of Land Granted the said Wm Berry : about Sixty years since, and in our possessn Ever Since sd Wm Berry Deceas'd : & for our Quiet and that Each Brother & Brothes child may Know his own proper part, have agreed on the six Divisions as above Made, and in testimony of our agreement have hereunto set our hands this thirteenth Day of June in the yeare of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Seventeen.

William Berry is ususally said to be the William Berry who became a freeman on 18 May 1642 in Newbury, Massachusetts and is on the list of the first settlers of Newbury. This is probably another person of the same name. Another possibility is a William Perry and wife Anna who arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634.

[F7607]. Jane Locke Hermins. (Herming-S5)(Hermes-S10). [PC T4-14].
Born (in 1607-S9)(about 1610-S5)(in 1619-S6) in (Yorkshire, England-S9).

Jane married (1) William BERRY in 1635 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

When William died in 1654, Jane Berry was appointed administratrix of her husband's goods on 28 June 1654.

She married (2) Nathaniel DRAKE of Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, about 1655 or 1657.

She died in 1687 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.



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