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Randall Bigelow and Jane

Born about 1578 at Wrentham, Suffolk, England; son of Robert BAGULEYand Jane. (S1,S2).

It is also said that:
Randall was born at Ollerton Hall. Randall moved across England to Wrentham in Suffolk County. He apparently made this move as a married man with two or more children, and in the years following 1603 had five children baptised at Wrentham before his death in 1626. (S2).
The Baguley family has a long history in Chesire England, and are descendants of Sir Hamon Massey. (S2).

He married Jane. (S1,S2). [Is it true that he and his father both married a Jane?]

He died 17 May 1626 at Wrentham, Suffolk, England. (S1,S2).

The rector of Wrentham parish in 1617 was the Rev. John Phillips, who later emigrated to Dedham, Massachusetts. During his years in Dedham, Phillips once stated that the blacksmith John Biglo of Watertown, Massachusetts was the same infant whom he had baptized in 1617 as the son of Randall Beageley”. John was left an orphan by the deaths of both his parents within a space of two weeks in May, 1626. What epidemic took the lives of both parents is not known, nor is it known who cared for John in his youth. Randal and his wife were buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas Church in Wrentham. (S2).

Born about 1582 at Wrentham, Suffolk, England. She married Randall BIGELOW.

She died 1 May 1626 at Wrentham, Suffolk, England.

CHILDREN of Randall Bigelow and Jane:


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