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(Rev). Adam BLACKMAN. (Blackman-S2)(Blakeman-S1,S2). [Familytree]
Born 10 June 1596 at Gnosall, Staffordshire, England; son of John BLACKMAN and Thomasine.

By 1800 Blakeman's descendants most often used the Blackman spelling of the name, although in the 18th century some alternated between the two spellings three times in successive generations. Records of Christ Church, Oxford use the Blakeman spelling and the name Blakeman is still common in Coventry UK. (Office for National Statistics, UK Census 2001) (S1).

He married Jane WHEELER about 1620 to 1624. They came to New England about 1638.

Blakeman matriculated (entered college) at Christ Church, Oxford, May 28, 1617. He was a preacher for some years in Great Bowden, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire, and in 1638 came to Connecticut. In 1639 he led the original settlers of Stratford, Connecticut, and served as the first minister of the church until his death, 7 September 1665. (S1).

He was a minister at Scituate, Massachusetts. He moved to Stratford, Connecticut, where he was a founder.

Rev. Adam Blakeman's Will 16 Mar. 1664/5; sons John, James and Samuel have had portions; wife; son Benjamin; son Atwater's son Joshua; dau. Mary Atwater; son John's children; wives of sons James and Samuel; son Deliverance provided he returns; Joseph Blackman; to dau. Blackman if she marry not John Thomas; overseers, Brother Groves, bro. Booth, bro. Hawley. Inv. 22 Sept. 1665. (S3).

He died (16 MAR 1665-S?)(7 SEP 1665-S1,S2) at Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, at age 67.

Born about 3 August 1600 at (Newport Parish?), Gnosall, Staffordshire, England; daughter of Dominick Wheeler and Mercy Jellye. (S3).

It is said (S3) that she came to New England with her brother, Moses. [Why not with her husband, since they appear to have been married in England].

1667c: She had trouble with her son, Deliverance, concerning the support of Mary Benfield's child. On her petition, the General Court referred the matter to Mr. Nathan Gold and the Commissioners of Fairfield and Stratford. (S3).

September 20, 1671: The Will of Jane Blackman was dated. and was recorded (Fairfield Probate records) (S3).

1672c: She was again before the General Court in a dispute over some books and the rent of land of her son, Benjamin Blackman. (S3).

1673c: The General Court recommended that Mr. Jacob Walker stop bothering the widow Blackman about the use of land he claimed. (S3).

1674c: She died at Stratford Village (Fairfield) Connecticut Colony. (S3).

1674, January 23: Her inventory is dated. (S3).

  1. John BLACKMAN. (Blakeman). [Familytree]. Born in (1625)(1631-S3). He was of Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married (1) Dorothy SMITH in 1652-1653. He was said to have also married wives (2) Mary POND and (3) Sarah, but Dorothy obviously outlived him. He died in 1662 at Stratford or Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut. [source 1 lists his death date as 1662, but in a footnote it also says 1661].

  2. James Blackman. Born about 1633. He married Marriam Wheeler in 1657. He died about 1681.
  3. Mary Blackman. Married Mr. Higginson.
  4. Samuel B. Blackman. Born about 1635. He married Elizabeth Wheeler in November 1660. He died on 27 November 1668.
  5. Deliverance Blackman. Born about 1637. He married Hannah Coulfield. He died in April 1702.
  6. Benjamin Blackman. Born about 1639. He married Rebecca Scottaw on 1 April 1675.


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