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John Blackman and Dorothy Smith

Born in (1625)(1631), of Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut; son of Adam BLACKMAN and Jane WHEELER. (S2).

It is also said (S2-Vol. 4:2061) that he was born in England.

He married (1) Dorothy SMITH in1652-1653. He was said to have also married wives (2) Mary POND and (3) Sarah, but Dorothy obviously outlived him.

His will is dated 19 January 1661-1662. (S1).

He died in 1662 at Stratford or Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut. [source 1 lists his death date as 1662, but in a footnote it also says 1661].

His will was proved on 26 November 1662. (S?).

Dorothy SMITH. [PC M2-13]
Born (about 1633)(between 1633 and 1636)(in 1636-S3) at (Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut)(at Norwich, Norfolk, England-S3); daughter of (Reverend) Henry SMITH and Dorothy.

She married (1) John BLACKMAN about 1652 or 1653 in (England)(in Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut). They made their home in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her husband John died in 1662.

She married (2) Francis HALL of Stratford, Connecticut on 31 October 1665. (S5). Her husband Francis died 5 March 1689-90 at Stratford, Connecticut.

She married (3) Mark ST JOHN of Norwalk, Connecticut, son of Matthias ST. JOHN [F4268] on 21 JAN (1690-S3)(1691-92) (date of marriage contract). Her husband Mark died on 12 AUG 1693 at Norwalk, Connecticut.

She married (4) (Deacon) Isaac MOORE of Farmington, Connecticut.

Her will was written on 21 MAY 1700. She died in 1706 at Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut; and she was buried there. Her will was proved on 17 APR 1706.

  1. John BLACKMAN. He married Mary KIMBERLY, daughter. of Abraham KIMBERLY and Hannah (PRESTON ?).
  2. Ebenezer BLACKMAN. He married (1) 24 OCT 1681 at Stratford, Connecticut to Patience WILCOXSON, dau. of (Dea.) John WILCOXSON and Elizabeth BOURNE (WELLES). He married (2) on 3 NOV 1692 at Stratford, Connecticut to Abigail CURTIS, dau. of Jonathan CURTIS and Abigail THOMPSON.
  3. [F1068]. Joseph BLACKMAN. [PC M2-13]. Born 27 JUN 1661 (or 1650, or 1654) at Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut. He married 14 JUL 1674 at Stratford, Connecticut to his step-sister, Hannah HALL. He died 15 AUG 1717 at Lebanon, Connecticut.


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