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John Blackman and Thomasine

Of Gnosall, Staffordshire, England.

According to Elisha Blackman, of Hanover, Pennsylvania, the family was wealthy in England, but the property went to the elder son of the family, after the law of the land, and the three younger brothers emigrated to America. (S1).


CHILDREN of John BLACKMAN and Thomasine:
  1. According to tradition, there was an older brother who inherited the family estate in England.
  2. Adam BLACKMAN. [Familytree]. Born 10 June 1596 at Gnosall, Staffordshire, England. He married Jane WHEELER about 1620 to 1624. They came to New England about 1638. He was a minister at Scituate, Massachusetts. He moved to Stratford, Connecticut. He died (16 MAR 1665-S?)(7 SEP 1665-S1) at Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, at age 67.
  3. Possibly Benjamin BLACKMAN. He was a Reverend. He settled at Malden, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard College in 1663. He married Sarah SCOTTOW on 1 APR 1675.
  4. Possibly John BLACKMAN. Born about 1625 in England. [such a late birthdate makes it improbable that he was a brother to Adam, but I will include his history here anyway, until his relation can be proved or disproved]. He came to New England before 1640. He settled at Dorchester. He married (1) Mary POND, daughter of Robert POND and Mary, about 1650. All of his children by this first marriage were born at Dorchester, Massachusetts. On 24 FEB 1650 "Edward Shepard of Cambridge marriner" deeds to "John Blackman of Dorchester Husbandman, one parcell of land more or lesse fower acres Scittuate lying & being in the said Dorchester lately belonging to Robert Pond father in lase to the said John, deceased, as also halfe of the dwelling howse and halfe of the barne standing upon the same." (Suffolk Deeds, 3-72.) On 13 FEB 1653-4 he was appointed a Fence Viewer (and also 8 MAR 1658-9, 10 MAY 1661-2, 4 APR 1664, 9 MAR 1667-8, 13 MAR 1670-1, 10 MAR 1672-3, AND 8 MAR 1674-5). His first wife died probably before 1656 and it is believed they had no children. He married (2) about 1656 to Sarah. On 10 JUL 1659 John Blackman and Sarah his wife joined the Dorchester Church (Records First Church, Dorchester, 1891, p.21). They had 3 children baptized on the following Sunday (Ibid., p. 170). He was appointed Supervisor of the Highways on 3 DEC 1660 (and again on 10 DEC 1667). He was chosen Bailiff at the "towne meeting" in Dorchester on 1 DEC 1662. (Report of Boston Record Commission, Dorchester Town Records, 4:112). On 9 OCT 1664 he was one of the 102 petitioners to the general court to adhere to the original patent. He was admitted a freeman on 3 MAY 1665 (N.E. Register, 3-239). At a meeting of the Selectmen, 12 FEB 1668, "John Blackman requested liberty for to haue 200 of Railes and 50 posts out of the 500 acrs and it was granted him." (Dorchester Town Records, 4:156). At the meeting of 8 MAR 1671-2, "ther was Chosen for Constables John Blackman and Samuel pale, but afterwards Jno Blackman being a Dromer at the Castle got off and Obediah Swift was Chosen in his Steed." (Report of Boston Record Commission, Dorchester Town Records, 4:183). At a meeting of the Selectmen, 23 DEC 1672, "The same day at the request of John Blackman it was granted him to take some Cedar trees in some Swamps aboue brantree within the bounds of dorchester, alsoe he is heerby empowered to take such trees as are ther already fallen although they are already Clouen out, p'vided it be not done by any belonging to our owne towne, and alsoe that he giue a true account of what is ther done, and to forbid any that he shall find ther trespassin upon or lands." (Dorchester Town Records, 4:188). He died 28 APR 1675. The inventory of his estate was dated 28 MAR 1675. (Report of Boston Record Comission, Dorchester Vital Records, 21-28).


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