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[F3592]. Samuel BLANCHARD. [PC T1-5].
Born on 6 August 1629 in in Parish of Penton, Hussey, Hampshire, England.; son of Thomas BLANCHARD [F7184] and Elizabeth[F7185]. His family were Huguenots. (S1,S2).

He emigratred to New England with his family, in his father's ship Jonathan, sailing from London on 12 April 1639, and arriving in Boston on 23 June 1639. (S1)

His family settled first in Charlestown, then moved in 1646 to Braintree, Massachusetts, where they resided until about 1650. (S1).

On 12 February 1650 his family purchased land in Malden and resided there. (S1).

He married (1) Mary Sweetser 3 January 1654-1655 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. (S1).

On January 3, 1644, Samuel Blanchard married (1st) in Charlestown, Mary Sweetser, born c1637, Tring, Hertsfordshire, England; died in Charlestown, February 20, 1669 [about age 32]; daughter of Seth and Bethia (Cook) Sweetser, who were married in England January 31, 1630. ("Maryland Historical Magazine," v. 27, p. 140). (S2).

They lived first in Charlestown where he was a Constable in 1657. (S1).

In 1657, he bought several parcels of land amounting to 25 acres and another of 40 acres from his brother Nathaniel, as well as a houselot of 10 acres, both in the latter's share of their father's farm on Wilson's Point in Charlestown. Samuel built a house on the property. (S1).

He was a soldier in King Phillip's War in 1676, under Captain John Cutler. (S1).

He married (2) Hannah DOGGETT [F3593] on 24 June 1673 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. (S1,S2).

He was listed in 1678 among the inhabitants of Charlestown, on the Mystic side. (S2).

He was admitted on 25 September 1681 Sep 25 in the 1st Church at, Charlestown, Massachusetts. (2).

A family record was kept by him in a manuscript book that contained entries made by his descendants as late as the early 1800's. ( (A part of this was published in the "New England Hisstorical and Geneological Register," v. 60, p. 373). In it Samuel says:
cam to Andover with my famaly upon the tenth day of jun in the yer 1686; bought my horce of John whelar upon the 18th day of march 1691. (S2).

The record says that he relocated on 10 June 1686 to Andover, Massachusetts, where he settled in the southern part of Andover. (S2).

SAMUEL BLANCHARD was Selectman in 1687. It has been stated that he removed to Andover from Charlestown in 1686, but the name Blanchard had become established in the town as early as 1679. In that year, land near" Blanchard's Pond" was bought by Moses Haggit. From him and his descendants the pond received its present name, Hagget's Pond. The land thereabouts keeps the name Blanchard's Plain. Also the list of proprietors states that he was a householder before 1681. (S1).

Although not a resident of Andover earlier, he owned land in Andover as early as 1662, and in the Ipswich Quarterly Court, held March 31, 1668, reference is made to "Samuel Blanchard's house" along the Shawshin River in Andover where one Richard Post stopped while driving cattle to the town from Woburn. Blanchard's Pond is referred to in a deed in 1679, and a list of the town's proprietors shows that he was a householder before 1681. ("Bailey's History of Andover," p. 121). (S2).

He was a Collector of Taxes and Selectman in 1687 and his descendants have been prominent in the life of the town for two and one-half centuries. (S2).

His house was one of the garrison houses in 1696. (S2).

He retained ownership of his land in Charlestown after removing to Andover, leaving most to the management of his son Joshua, but he sold three parcels to his son John in 1698. (S2).

Deposed 1704 in Essex Co, MA, aged 74y. (S2).

He made a will 1704 Nov 21 at Andover, MA, aged ~75y. The Will: mentions wife, sons Joshua of Charlestown, Jonathan, Thomas, daughters Stratton and Osgood, granddaughter Dorothy Storer, sons John and Samuel, executor son Jonathan, and witnesses James Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, and Ambrose Blunt. (S2).

He died on 22 April 1707 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. (S1,S2).

His tombstone inscription, in the West Parish Cemetery in Andover, reads:
Here Lyes Ye Body of Samuel Blanchard who departed this life Ye 22nd of April 1707 in Ye 78th Year of hiis Age. Ye Memory of Ye Iust is Blessed. (S2).

Samuel's gravestone is white granite imported from England. It is the oldest stone in the burial ground. (S2).

His will was proved 1707 May 5 at Ipswich, MA (S2).

. WIFE (1):
Mary Sweetser.
Born in 1637 in Tring, Hertsfordshire, England; daughter of Seth Sweetser and Bethia Cook. (S1).

She married Samuel Blanchard on 3 January 1654-1655 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. She is named Switcher in the marriage record. (S2).

She and her husband are called daughter Mary Blancher and son Samuel Blancher in her father's will, dated 1662. (S2).

Mary died on 20 February 1669 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. (S2).

  1. Samuel is said to have had a son John in 1655 in Charlestown, but birth of a son John is not recorded in Samuel's memo book, nor in the Charlestown vital records.
  2. Samuel BLANCHARD, born 1656 Sep 29. Died 1678 at Charlestown, MA, from smallpox. His birth was not recorded in Charlestown. There are some indications that he died young and was followed by another Samuel who died of smallpox, but there is no record of the extra death and birth.
  3. Sarah BLANCHARD, born 1658 Feb 151 {60:373}. Died young. Her birth was not recorded in Charlestown.
  4. Mary BLANCHARD, b. 1659, d. 1704
  5. Joshua BLANCHARD. born 06 Aug 1661 in Charlestown. He married (1st) Elizabeth _______, who died childless in Malden, July 15, 1688, aged 21 years. He was a housewright in Charlestown where he is listed as a taxpayer in 1688. He married (2) Mehitabel Jones, daughter of Thomas Jones. He inherited his father's land in Charlestown, which he had been farming. He also bought a house and 33 acres of his cousin Abraham's share of George Blanchard's estate in 1700. However, that estate was not after all divided according to George's will, and Abraham was due only 7 acres. In 1703/4, Joshua was one of the inhabitants of Charlestown Mystic Side who contributed toward the enlargement of the Malden meeting house. He also sold building materials for L38 to the town for the project. He obtained permission at that time to build his own pew on the south wall, and to move the door that hung there to make room. The estate division included parts to the widow, G. Hepburn, Samuel Blanchard, and Jacob Green, and some money was paid to granddaughter Dorothy Stafford. It appears that the money for Dorothy Stafford was a legacy from Joshua's father and that Dorothy was thus Joshua's niece. Joshua died 15 Jul 1716 in Malden, MA. Inventory 1716 Nov 13. Administration 1716 Dec. 17.
  6. Jonathan BLANCHARD, b. 1664, d. 1742, MA
  7. Abigail BLANCHARD, b. 1668, d. 1732

WIFE (2):
[F3593]. Hannah DOGGETT (DAGGET-S2)(Doggett-S1,S2). [PC T1-5].
Born on 26 September 1646, of Marshfield, Massachusetts; daughter of Thomas DOGGETT [F7186] and Elizabeth HUMPHREY [F7187].

She married Samuel BLANCHARD [F3592] on (23-S2)(24-S1) June 1673 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. (S1,S2).

She died (on 25 June 1724-S1)(on 10 July 1725-S2) at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Samuel BLANCHARD [F3592] and Hannah DOGGETT [F3593]:
  1. Thomas BLANCHARD. Born on 28 April 1674 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married Rose Holmes on 22 March 1699 at Marshfield, Massachusetts. He died on 17 March 1759 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  2. John BLANCHARD. Born on 3 July 1677 at Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He married Mary Crosby on 7 August 1701 at Bilerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He died on 10 April 1750 in Bilerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
  3. [F1796]. Samuel BLANCHARD. [PC T1-5]. Born on 4 July 1680 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married Sarah JOHNSON [F1797] on 31 March 1708-1709 in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. He died 17 June 1754 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  4. Hannah BLANCHARD. Born on 26 September 1681 in Charlestown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She died (on 26 December 1730)(in 1774) in Massachusetts.