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John BLANFORD and Mary

Born about 1611. {S4}.

In 1637 Watertown residents petition the Massachusetts General Court to settle a new plantation in the area. {S3}.

In the last of April 1638 the ship Confidence, of London, two hundred tons, John Gibson, Master, sailed from Southampton, "by vertue of the Lord Treasurers warrant of the 11th of April,1638." In June 1638 the Confidence arrives from England with fifteen of Sudbury’s future families. John Blanford, age 27, appears on the passenger list as a servant, apparently single at that time. He is the servant of Walter Haynes, a linen weaver of Sutton Mansfield, Wiltshire, England, who traveled with his family on the same ship. {S4}.

On 4 September 1639 the General Court ordered that the newe Plantation by Concord shall be called Sudbury , making Sudbury the nineteenth incorporated town of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. {S3}.

He apparently married (1) Mary shortly after arriving in Sudbury. {S4}. Some say that he probably married Mary in England, and brought her with, but she is not listed amnong the ship's passengers.

Mary died 10 April 1641. {S3}.

He married (2) widow, Dorothy WRIGHT [F4575].

An Accompt of Losse sustained by several Inhabitants of ye towne of Sudbury by ye Indian Enemy ye 21st Aprill 1676: John Blanford, 10 pounds. {S7}.

John BLANFORD died on 23 October 1687 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. {S2}.

The will of John Blandford of Sudbury, dated 21 October 1687, mentions his daughter (Sarah) Maynard, and the will of Dorothy Blandford of Marlborough, dated Dec. 29, 1694, bequeathed to "daughter Sarah Mainard where i now am and where I have been well treated ever since I came from Sudbury, wife of John Mainard, Sr." {S9}.

His will was probated 23 November 1687. It gave all his est. to w. Dorothy for her life, but names s. Stephen, d. Maynard; beside s.-in-law Jabesh Brown, and Edward Wright; the latter s. of his w. by former h. and the other, I doubt not, h. of his d. Hannah. Sarah m. 11 Sept. 1665, Elias Keyes.

WIFE (1):
[F4575]. Mary. (Dorothie-S2).
Mary died 10 April 1641. {S3}.

  1. Mary BLANFORD. Born about 1639. She married (1) Jonathan Paddleford on 5 October 1652 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She married (2) Thomas EAMES on 5 October 16623 in Cumberland, Massachusetts. Mary Blanford was killed in February 1676 in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, by Indians. {S8a}.
  2. John Blanford died on 4 December 1641. Some have said that this was the death of the father, but I suspect that this was an infant son of John and Mary, and that Mary died in childbirth in April, but the son John lingered until December.

WIFE (2):
Dorothy, widow WRIGHT. (Dorothie-S2).
Dorothy was born (about 1608)(in 1613-S6).

Was she the widow of Frances Wright?

She married John BLANFORD.

She died on 1 March 1702.

  1. Sarah BLANFORD. Born 27 November 1642 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. (Daughter of John & Mary-S2). Sarah married Elijah (Elias) KEYES on 11 September 1665 at Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Sarah married (2) John Maynard before 1680. She died 16 March 1724 at Ashburnham, Massachusetts.
  2. Hannah BLANFORD. Born 7 January 1644 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Hannah marrioed Javits (Jabez) BROWN on 23 Dec 1667.
  3. John BLANFORD. Born 6 January 1646 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.
  4. Steven BLANFORD. (Stephen). Born 3 January 1649 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He married Susanna Long.
  5. Thomas Blanford married Elizabeth Eames on 18 December 1673 in Watertown, Massachusetts. This was probably another son.


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